Celebrating 10 Years of Happy was an event on the Nickelodeon website, sponsored by Walmart. It is for SpongeBob's 10th anniversary in 2009. It contains games and weekly quizzes.

Quiz answers

Week ending March 17, 2009

Answers are in bold.

1. What was the name of SpongeBob's kindergarten teacher?

  • A. Miss. Gulch
  • B. Miss. Dodds
  • C. Miss Shell

Episode: "Party Pooper Pants"

2. What is the name of the cashier at the Barg'N-Mart that gave SpongeBob a party kit?

  • A. Lou
  • B. Shirley
  • C. Ed

Episode: "Party Pooper Pants"

3. What is the name of Sandy's pet snake?

  • A. Tom
  • B. Cricket
  • C. Snaky

Episode: "Wormy"

4. In the Krusty Krab talent show, what is Gary's talent?

  • A. Cat impressions
  • B. Reciting poetry
  • C. Creating slime trails

Episode: "Culture Shock"

5. According to SpongeBob, what does he call a Krabby Patty with extra onions?

  • A. Sad Patty
  • B. Teary Lou
  • C. Cryin' Johnny

Episode: "Pickles"

6. Where does Mr. Krabs hide his money?

  • A. Under his mattress
  • B. The bank
  • C. A safe at the Krusty Krab

Episode: "The Lost Mattress" Note that all answers would be correct; but he couldn't "hide" his money in the bank or in a safe, because bank employees and Krusty Krab staff would know about it, respectively.

7. What is the name Plankton uses when he impersonated a psychiatrist?

  • A. Dr. Fraud
  • B. Dr. Lankton
  • C. Dr. Frankenburger

Episode: "Fear of a Krabby Patty"

8. On his first visit to Sandy's home, what did SpongeBob bring for her?

  • A. Danish
  • B. Flowers
  • C. Cleaning supplies

Episode: "Tea at the Treedome"

9. Who was Patrick's date to his Junior Prom?

  • A. SpongeBob
  • B. His mother
  • C. Sandy

Episode: "The Chaperone"

10. The annual Jellyfishing Convention is held where?

  • A. Jellyfish Fields
  • B. Ukulele Bottom
  • C. Rock Bottom

Episodes: "I Was a Teenage Gary" and "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" Note: The convention has also been referred to as "biannual."

March 17-March 23, 2009

Answers are in bold.

1. Sandy's pet Wormy is what type of animal?

  • A. A worm
  • B. A caterpillar
  • C. A lizard

Episode: "Wormy"

2. What was SpongeBob and Patrick's reward for digging up the Flying Dutchman's treasure?

  • A. A trip to Las Vegas
  • B. Gold doubloons
  • C. Nothing

Episode: "Arrgh!"

3. For what reason does SpongeBob come to work at 3 AM?

  • A. To gaze at the ceiling.
  • B. To count the seeds on the buns.
  • C. To start frying onions.

Episode: "Just One Bite"

4. Which retirement home did Mr. Krabs turn into the Krusty Krab?

  • A. The Rusty Krab
  • B. The Old Timers Inn
  • C. Shady Shoals

Episode: "Krusty Krab Training Video"

5. What was the name of the scallop SpongeBob and Patrick raised together?

  • A. Phil
  • B. Scallop
  • C. Junior

Episode: "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"

6. At SpongeBob's House Party, who was the first guest to arrive?

  • A. Mr. Krabs
  • B. Mr. SquarePants
  • C. Patrick

Episode: "Party Pooper Pants"

7. What is SpongeBob's favorite day of the year?

  • A. April Fool's Day
  • B. Arbor Day
  • C. Thanksgiving

Episode: "Fools in April"

8. Who wears a pair of pink slippers?

  • A. Pearl
  • B. Squidward
  • C. Mermaid Man

Episode: Note: The answer says it is C, but Squidward has also been shown to wear pink slippers.

9. King Neptune's torso is what color?

  • A. Flesh
  • B. Green
  • C. Pink

Episode: "Neptune's Spatula"

10. On SpongeBob, one percent of Plankton is composed of what?

  • A. Water
  • B. Evil
  • C. Genius

Episode: "Plankton!"

March 23, 2009-?

Answers are in bold.

1. What type of canned food does Squidward like?

  • A. Bread
  • B. Tuna
  • C. Stringed beans

Episode: "Squidville"

2. Mr. Krab's spent his first dollar on what?

  • A. A Piggy Bank
  • B. A soda
  • C. A movie

Episode: "My Pretty Seahorse"
Note: The first dollar in "Wet Painters" is "the first dollar he ever made." The dollar in this question refers to the dollar that Mr. Krabs' father gave him.

3. What type of tree is in Sandy's treedome?

  • A. Oak
  • B. Evergreen
  • C. Redwood

Episode: "Tea at the Treedome"

4. How much do coral bits cost at the Krusty Krab?

  • A. $1
  • B. $2.50
  • C. Free side dish

Episodes: "Clams," "Plankton's Army," and "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V" (small).
Note: See Coral bits for other prices; Coral bits have never been $2.50 or free.

5. When Mr. Krabs earns his one-millionth dollar, where does he take SpongeBob and Squidward?

  • A. Bowling
  • B. Clam fishing
  • C. Seaweed Spas

Episode: "Clams"

6. How much did Mr. Krabs trade SpongeBob to the Flying Dutchman for?

  • A. A million dollars
  • B. A hundred dollars
  • C. 62 cents

Episode: "Born Again Krabs"

7. When SpongeBob broke his butt, what sport was he participating in?

  • A. Sandboarding
  • B. Surfing
  • C. Checkers

Episode: "I Had an Accident"

8. If you want to keep sea bears away, what kind of food should you NOT eat?

  • A. Cubed cheese
  • B. Salsa
  • C. Pink bubblegum

Episode: "The Camping Episode"

9. What is the brand of food that Gary eats?

  • A. Snail Diet
  • B. Snail Po
  • C. Mollusk Meal

Episode: "Missing Identity"

10. What is Squidward's favorite band?

  • A. Boys Who Cry
  • B. Art and Artistes
  • C. The Bottom Feeders

Episode: "Whale of a Birthday"

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