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The caterpillar bubble is a large caterpillar-shaped bubble that appears in the episodes "Bubblestand" and "Spot Returns."


It is a long, clear bubble that is shaped into a caterpillar, which SpongeBob blows. It has bubble eyes, a mouth, and two antennae.

Role in series


When SpongeBob shows Patrick bubbles from his technique, he uses his wand to create this caterpillar bubble. The caterpillar bubble then starts popping, one segment at a time before it completely disappears. Each bubble makes a different sound when popped.

"Spot Returns"

SpongeBob blows this bubble and the elephant bubble before noticing Plankton painting a sign next to the Chum Bucket.


  • The caterpillar bubble also appears on the cover of the book Bubble Trouble.
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