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The Evil Syndicate are a group of villains who band together from various dimensions to try to conquer them and become rulers. A total of 8 members have been a part of this line up. The Evil Syndicate is composed of Nickelodeons worst villains.


1.Professor Finbarr Calamitous (leader and founder)-In Nicktoons Unite, Professor Calamitous was the one who formed The Evil Syndicate to steal energy from other worlds to power his Doomsday Device, a machine built to destroy worlds in a matter of seconds. He instructed other villains to attack the heroes while he acted behind the scenes perfecting his Doomsday weapon. During the final battle he ordered the villains to retreat and attack the heroes all at once. However, that failed as he was defeated by Jimmy when the other villains were defeated. SpongeBob later turned off the Doomsday Machine. In Attack of the Toybots Calamitous once again attempts to attack all the worlds, due to being a contestant in "The Biggest Genius" awards. His plan was to capture and feed fairies in/from Fairy World, Bikini Bottom's krabby patties so they can release "fairy gas" to make his evil toys come to life. Also, he captured all of the greatest heroes from different worlds to make a robotic copy of them. He tried to expand his production by making a factory in Pupununu forcing Tak to find his way into the main factory. Tak there finds SpongeBob and Patrick ( and later on other heroes) and joins forces with them and a rogue robot of Calamitous's inventions to destroy the robots and the toy copies of the heroes. At the end the heroes found him and he was sent to jail.

2.Nicolai Technus (2nd leader)-In Globs of Doom Technus is a playable character. After Professor Calamitous abandoned the original Evil Syndicate, Technus presumably took over and acts alongside Beautiful Gorgeous, the sorceror Traloc, and the only original member Plankton. He is the one who discovered the name and the origins of The Morphoids, and instructed The Evil Syndicate to join forces with the heroes to defeat their common enemy. Together with the heroes plus Dib and Zim, they defeat Globulous Maximous but before the final blow can be delivered, the villains, lead by Technus take over the Vessel and throw the heroes out in space. However, Globulous changes sides and aides the heroes in defeating the Syndicate, leaving them stranded in the empty void of space.


3.Beautiful Gorgeous- She is Calamitous's daughter. In Globs of Doom she is a playable character. She becomes a member of the new Evil Syndicate along with Traloc, and Technus while Plankton retains his original position. She helps the heroes in assembling pieces for the Vessel of Portencia, defeating the morphoids, and stopping their leader: Globulous Maximus. However, she helps the villains in taking over the Vessel and kicking the heroes out. However, the Vessel soon explodes by a good-willed Globulous Maximous, and is left drifting in space.

4.Vlad Plasmius (possible second in command)-In Nicktoons Unite Vlad is recruited into the Evil Syndicate by Professor Calamitous. Vlad was instructed to steal energy from the Ghost Zone to power up The Doomsday Machine. He sends the heroes to the Ghost Zone prison, but they get out and fight him, and eventually defeat him. Later on for the final battle Vlad is called upon to attack the heroes with the other villains. However he is defeated and was imprisoned. In Globs of Doom (DS version) Danny and Plankton go to Amity Park where Vlad has been corrupted by the goo and attacks them. Plankton calls Vlad his "buddy". He is later defeated once again.

5.Denzel Q. Crocker (fairy expert)-In Nicktoons Unite he is one of the main antagonists. As a member of The Evil Syndicate his job was to drain Fairy World out of it's magical energy and feed it to the doomsday machine the villainouss group created. The heroes face him at the "big wand" defeating him and his robotic arsenal. Using the Big Wand's power wasn't enough to prevent his defeat, forcing his retreat. He later joined the other villains at Professor's Calamitous lab where he faced Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and their friends again. Once again Timmy managed to defeat him by disabling his magical shield and attacking him, defeating Crocker, and soon the rest of the Syndicate.

6.Sheldon J. Plankton (possible technical supervisor)-In Nicktoons Unite Plankton composed The Evil Syndicate along with other villains. He was ordered to steal Jellyfish energy from the Jellyfish to feed the Doomsday Machine the Syndicate was building. Plankton also made changes to The Chum Bucket, making it into a factory. He also began to capture Bikini Bottomites (Patrick included) who did not go with his plans. However, a group of heroes formed by Jimmy Neutron (SpongeBob included) arrived in Bikini Bottom to stop him and free the jellyfish defeating him. He retreated to Retroville where he tried to destroy the heroes along with his fellow Syndicate members. However even that failed, as he was defeated again by SpongeBob. In Globs of Doom Plankton returns as the only original Syndicate member. Plankton joins forces with the heroes to gather pieces for the Vessel of Portencia to defeat the morphoids and their leader: Globulous Maximus. In space, before Globulous is defeated Plankton joins the other villains in taking over the Vessel and kicking the heroes out. Globulous having changed his ways fights the Vessel one-on-one at the Moon and manages to make it explode leaving the Syndicate in the empty, dark void of space.

7.Traloc- Traloc is a playable character in Globs of Doom. He is a member of the new Evil Syndicate. He joins the heroes in collecting pieces for the Vessel of Portencia to go into space and fight Globulous. However, wanting to use Globulous fot their own evil purposes The Evil Syndicate kick the heroes out of the Vessel. Globulous (as SpongeGlob) fight them at the moon and destroys the Vessel leaving the Syndicate to drift in the never-ending space.

8.Dib (temporary member of the 2nd, syndicate)- Dib is the rival of Zim. While he is not evil he tries to expose Zim for the alien he is. He is playable in Globs of Doom. He and Zim arrive at Volcano Island to help against the Morphoids. Zim joins the heroes and Dib not wanting to help Zim joins the Evil Syndicate. He helps the Syndicate and the heroes in collecting parts for the Vessel of Portencia. In space Dib helps the villains in taking over the Vessel, trying to use Globulous for their own ends. However, Globulous finds them on the Moon and manages to make the Vessel explode, leaving The Evil Syndicate and Dib stranded in space.

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