Maintenance category

The following is a maintenance category. The purpose of this category is to gather articles that are in need of something specific.

Link to relevant guidelines: ESB:Episode galleries

All the episodes listed here need more photos. Each gallery should have at least 30 pictures like this gallery. See ESB:Episode galleries
Note: If you are adding a picture to a already completed gallery, please remember to put it in the right order eg; "Bubblestand," you might add a picture of SpongeBob blowing an elephant, but you uploaded so that it's at the bottom where it shouldn't be. Go to edit, cut the photo you had off the list and put it between the two scenes of the one before it and the one after it, preview after you have pasted it to see if it is in the right place and then publish.

You can add an article to this category by typing {{Gallery-incomplete}} in that article.