Maintenance category

The following is a maintenance category. The purpose of this category is to gather articles that are in need of something specific.

These are episode image galleries who need to be organized. They may have images that are out of order or whose images are improperly named. When editing these please make sure the galleries follow the guidelines listed here.


  • You can add a gallery here by using {{Organize-gallery}}.
  • If an image is of low quality (has logo, is blurry etc.) you may find a better quality image here.
  • You can upload multiple photos by using this tool.
  • Windows users: You can rename multiple photos at once by placing them in a folder on your computer and pressing ctrl+a. Then right click one of the files and give it a name ( Help_Wanted.jpg for example) then all images in the folder will automaticly follow the naming scheme (Help_Wanted 1.jpg , Help_Wanted 2.jpg etc).