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Carl (Patrick's Family)

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General information
Residence: Possibly King Neptune's Castle
Occupation(s): Possibly the Royal Crown Polisher
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Purple
Classification: Fish
Parents: Prince Callous and Prince Dingus (fathers)
Grandparents: Queen Mildew (Grandmother)
King Amoeba (grandfather)
Aunts: Princess Tulsa
Uncles: Yorick
Cousins: Maw Tucket
Other relatives: Herb Star and Sluggo (1st Cousin 1x Removed)
Patrick Star, Sam Star, Ed Star, and Gary the Snail (First Cousin 2x Removed)
Patron (First Cousin Several Times Removed)
Employer: Possibly King Neptune and Princess Mindy
Enemies: Possibly King Neptune
First appearance: "Rule of Dumb"
Latest appearance: "Rule of Dumb"
List of characters

Carl is the grandson of King Amoeba and Queen Mildew. He appeared in the episode "Rule of Dumb" on a family tree. He was a part of Patrick and Gary's family. He is not to be confused with Carl.


  • He looks similar to the Royal Crown Polisher. It is unlikely, but it is possible this could be him.
  • He is the first in his family line to not have children.

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