Captain Scarfish[1] was the captain of Mr. Krabs' cargo ship. He appears in the episode "Pull Up a Barrel."


Captain Scarfish resembles Patrick Star, with the exception of a dark red scar on the right side of his face (which is revealed to be a tattoo). He wears a dark blue naval captain uniform. 


He is extremely hot-headed and especially aggressive towards Mr. Krabs. This was due to Mr. Krabs cooking delicious food for the ship's crew, which Scarfish was against, therefore Scarfish forcing Mr. Krabs to create disgusting food for the navy crew.


He first appeared in the flashback as he entered Krabs' kitchen and asked him the type of food he made. Mr. Krabs revealed it to be a cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off. This angered Scarfish as he told Mr. Krabs that on this ship, crusts are not meant to be cut off but eaten instead and told Krabs time after time to stop making the food good, even warned him that if tonight's meal is any good, he'll send Krabs to the brig.

Later during dinner time, as Scarfish went to inspect to see if the food is slop (which the sailors made it look like). He accepted but when he discovered that Krabs had actually made another good meal, he sent him to the brig to be watched by two guards. During Krabs' time in the brig, Scarfish fed the sailors the leftover crust to toughen them up, only to give them food poisoning.


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