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Canned Coral

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Canned Coral
Type: Food
Appearance: "Rise and Shine"
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Canned Coral is a type of food in Bikini Bottom. Patrick probably eats this on a regular basis, and appears to like it, since his pantry was shown to have only Canned Coral in its respective episode. This food is only seen in the episode, "Rise and Shine."


On the tin wrapping, there is a picture of a coral plant, which is flanked by the name of the food, which is written in blue and capitalized. Beside the coral reads the green capitalized words, "Great taste in a can," which might be the slogan. The background of the picture is white, and the rest of the can is painted yellow, and the rims are either painted silver, or just metal with no color added to it at all.


  • Canned Coral is similar to Canned Bread as they are both canned food items.
  • Patrick seems to be a fan of Canned Coral, considering that he has a whole pantry full of this product.
  • Canned Coral seems to be a parody of canned goods.

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