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Canned Bread

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Canned Bread
Canned Bread
First appearance: "Squidville"
Latest appearance: SpongeBob Moves In!

Canned Bread is bread packed conveniently in a can. It is one of Squidward's favorite foods to eat.


The can somewhat resembles a drink can in shape. The label is grayish-white with a horizontal red stripe going around the can near the top. On the stripe reads the name of the food, in all caps and written in white.

Under the stripe is a picture of a loaf of bread. Under that are two yellow burst shapes. The one on the left reads "Best Thing," and the right one reads "Since Sliced," making "Best Thing Since Sliced," which might be the slogan.


The bread is known to be sold at the store, Full of Health, in Tentacle Acres, as seen in "Squidville." The rights to Canned Bread are owned by Barnacle Products Incoporated after they bought them from an unknown source.

The canned bread product makes a cameo appearance in "Atlantis SquarePantis," in Squidward's painting, though in a different type of can.


  • Canned Bread is a real life product in Japan, and can also be found in select stores in the United States and other countries.
  • Squidward also loves Swedish Barnacle Balls, which is also a canned food product.
  • Canned Bread has become a popular Internet meme.
  • Canned Bread is also pretty similar to Canned Coral as they are both food items which are served in cans.


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