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Candy Glove

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Candy Glove
Type: Candy
Appearance: "Rock Bottom"

The Candy Glove was a toy candy dispenser from Glove World that only appears in the episode "Rock Bottom."



SpongeBob with the Candy Glove while waiting for the bus.

Apparently, only SpongeBob is known to have had purchased this product. It was a big purple glove with some tiny blue and green glove candies inside of it. They were somewhat edible, but apparently the tiny glove candies tasted bad and SpongeBob comments that they were "glove-flavored."


The Candy Glove appeared to be purple in color and had four fingers (including a thumb) on it. The candy was dispensed from the thumb after squeezing it.

Angry Jack close-up
"We paid ten dollars for this?"
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