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Camp Counselor Kraus
General information
Occupation(s): Camp Counselor
Aliases: Kraus
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Light blue
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
First appearance: "The Inmates of Summer"
Latest appearance: "The Inmates of Summer"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Camp Counselor Kraus is a counselor employed by Sun Fun Island. He works as a counselor and leader to all the campers and is very friendly and optimistic. He only appears in the episode "The Inmates of Summer." He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Counselor Kraus is a light blue fish. He wears white socks and brown shoes. He also wears a blue scout uniform like all of his campers. He seems to look somewhat similar to the Get Out of Town Fish from "That's No Lady."


Camp Counselor Kraus is first seen in the beginning of the episode "The Inmates of Summer" taking the kids to Sun Fun Island not knowing at the time he left behind SpongeBob and Patrick. Kraus isn't seen again until near the end of the episode where he paddles to Prison Island to get his missing two campers. He agrees to the Prison Waden to let the criminals of Prison Island to come to Sun Fun Island.

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