Business Industries is a company which only appears in "The Executive Treatment."




It is a tall green and red building. It has a glass automatic door on its exterior. The red on the exterior likely comes from mold and rust. There is multiple windows and chimneys along the building.


On the bottom floor, there is a punch in/out clock where they punch in their tickets on the wall. It has blue metal walls, and yellow tile floors. There are pictures along the wall. Towards the back of the bottom floor, is a purple metal floor with an elevator. The elevator can take them up to the 115th floor. On the 115th floor, it has a hallway with yellow metal walls with green tiles. It then leads up to Conference Room 4-B. In Conference Room 4-B, it has brown metal walls with a light blue floor. There is a table with 7 seats on each side, with multiple windows on the side of room. There is also circular lamps hanging from the ceiling.

Role in episode

It plays as the main setting for the episode "The Executive Treatment." After Patrick is mistaken as a executive, Patrick is pushed into the building by several other business people. While they go up the lift, it is shown that it has hundreds of floors.

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Associated characters

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