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The bus ticket is a collectible that appears in the SpongeBob SquarePants video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.

Role in game

SpongeBob must collect these items throughout the game in order to progress to certain worlds, such as Jellyfish Fields. Each one has a unique process of collection. Once obtained, it can be used to jump on bus stops to travel to and from Bikini Bottom.

Bus ticket data graph

The graph below shows data about collecting and using bus tickets.

World and Area Found In How It Is Obtained Where It Leads To
Bikini Bottom/Krusty Krab(Interior) Cheer Up Mr. Krabs Downtown Bikini Bottom
Bikini Bottom/Resident Row Catch the Jellyfish that is Currently Obtaining It Jellyfish Fields
Jellyfish Field/Jellyfish Cliffs Section 2 Defeat the Chum World Clown Chum World
Bikini Bottom/Resident Row Catch 50 Jellyfish and Give Them to Larry the Lobster Goo Lagoon