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The Bubblestand is a stand that was built by SpongeBob. Customers could blow bubbles for 25¢. It only appears in the episode of the same name and was only visited by Patrick and Squidward.


It is a dark green wooden stand that SpongeBob built. It has two sticks that are attached to a wooden sign that reads "Bubbles 25¢" in red text. There are signs under the Bubblestand that display "Lessons 25¢." SpongeBob also offers lessons for beginners for only 25¢.

Role in series


It is created by SpongeBob, but while doing so Squidward complains about the loud noise, so he does it slowly. As Squidward starts playing clarinet, SpongeBob starting rushing on it and finishes it.

Then, Patrick comes and tries it. He doesn't do so well, so SpongeBob places a sign saying "Lessons 25¢." He gets a lesson by watching a demonstration from SpongeBob. Squidward is annoyed by the racket and he comes down. He makes them feel ashamed and pushes them towards SpongeBob's house. When they are gone, he tries it but the two zoom back.

After many tries, SpongeBob shows him his special technique. Then, Squidward mimicks the technique and blows a bubble, but it's actually amazing.

He goes inside his house proudly, but then the bubble raises his house and pops, causing it to fall. SpongeBob and Patrick rushed into their houses before his house lands, and then the episode ends.

"Prince Paul's Bubble Party"

The location is mentioned in this song.

Associate characters

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (teacher): Makes a duck and ducklings, elephant, ice cubes, caterpillar, boat, and butterfly bubbles.
  • Patrick Star (student): Makes nothing because he struggles. He does, however, help SpongeBob teach Squidward the bubble-making maneuver.
  • Squidward Tentacles (student): Only flat bubbles that makes raspberry sounds when pops, and finally, a giant bubble that swallows his house, and a loud explosion is heard when it pops.


Bubblestand 037
  • Stand on one foot
  • Spin around
  • Stop
  • Double take three times
  • Pelvic thrust
  • Stop on your right foot (don't forget it!)
  • Bring it around town
  • Make different shapes
  • Blow the bubble
  • Making them


  • To blow a bubble costs 10¢, and to have a lesson costs 25¢.
  • Patrick borrows a quarter from SpongeBob every time he pays.
    • SpongeBob continuously bites every quarter he collects.
  • Squidward thinks that it is stupid that one had to pay to blow a bubble at the stand.