The Bubble Collector 2000 is one of Sandy's inventions. It only appears in the console versions of SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis. It shoots out bubbles that are capable of capturing objects, like treasure.


The Bubble Collector 2000 is a vase-shaped, pink device. On side of it has a large hole where a jar of bubble mixture is placed in. The hole is surrounded by two light-blue pipes. The end of the Bubble Collector 2000 features an object that opens and closes depending on when it's used. When in use, the object resembles a "plus" symbol.

Role in game

Sandy uses it in the level "Money Krabbing!" and its variants "Loot Shoot!" and "Bubble Trouble!" She uses it to collect the treasure falling from the top of the screen by capturing it in the bubbles it shoots.

It also appears in a variant for the level "Tour Trouble!" titled "Tourist Tribulations!" It is seen being held by Sandy halfway through the treasure room, however it is not used.


  • Every time it shoots five bubbles, the jar of bubble mixture in it pops out and a new one replaces it.
  • Sandy is the only character seen operating it.
  • A schematic of the Bubble Collector 2000 can be seen in the Art Viewer once it is unlocked from the shop.
    • In the shop, the artwork is listed as the "Bubblegun schematic."