Bubble Bust[citation needed] is one of the riders on the cruise ship in the episode "Walking the Plankton." He is voiced by Clancy Brown.


He is an obese dark purple fish with lime green fins and has magenta stripes on his head. He wears red swimming trunks. He is a sweaty, bumbling, lazy and complaining fish. His first words are: "Boy, I'm so sweaty." 


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  • In the UK version of "Walking the Plankton," Bubble Bust's appearance is removed for unknown reasons.
    • This may have been because Plankton falls into his butt, which the UK may have found too inappropriate for a kids' cartoon.
  • His name is the same as Bubble Bass's name, Expect that theres no "bass" with it.


  • "Boy, I'm so sweaty."

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