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Bubble Buddy (created October 9[1]) is a sentient soap bubble created by SpongeBob when he feels lonely in the episode of the same name. SpongeBob takes him to the Krusty Krab and Goo Lagoon, where the seemingly inanimate bubble inadvertently causes trouble and angers everyone he came in contact with, before revealing he is sentient and living.

He returns and makes his second in-series appearance in the episode "Bubble Buddy Returns" and also makes a cameo in "Mall Girl Pearl."


He is a transparent-colored bubble whose body is in the shape of a human. Near the end of the episode and in the video Battle for Bikini Bottom, he is seen wearing a hat.


"Bubble Buddy"

Main article: Bubble Buddy
SpongeBob with Bubble Buddy

SpongeBob with Bubble Buddy

At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob forces Squidward to remake Bubble Buddy's Krabby Patties several times in order to suit his alleged and outrageous preferences. According to SpongeBob, Bubble Buddy is lactose intolerant, no cheese, drinks shampoo instead of soda and prefers it regular instead of diet, prefers no crust, ketchup under the patty, pickles to the left, four squirts of ketchup, wheat buns, non-deli lettuce, and farm-raised tomatoes, carnival style - and at some point before eating requires a massage. He also fails to pay for the meal, paying in "Bubble Dollars," which are not a real form of currency and quickly pop out of existence.

Later on, at Goo Lagoon, SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy continue to make trouble. SpongeBob leaves Bubble Buddy with Scooter, who is buried up to his head in the sand, saying he will unbury him, and Scooter drowns when the high tide comes. When Bubble Buddy "has to go to the bathroom," SpongeBob leaves him in the Port-O-Head for two hours, making everyone else wait. While dancing with Bubble Buddy, SpongeBob inadvertently insults the other dancing beach-goers by saying "shake that bubble butt," which the people take as calling them fat. When Bubble Buddy shakes Pearl's hand, which had just been dirtied by Grubby Grouper, making her never wanting to wash it again, it is cleaned off. After all these shenanigans, an angry mob is formed, whom surround SpongeBob and Bubble Buddy.

Just as he is about to be popped by a needle, Bubble Buddy suddenly comes alive, much to the shock of the everyone (except SpongeBob), and decides to leave Bikini Bottom, saying that "things are getting a little weird around here." A Bubble Taxi picks him up and he leaves with a suitcase and disappears into the sky. He then says, "Happy Leif Erikson Day!," to SpongeBob. Nobody seemed to mind that Bubble Buddy left, as they agreed that this is still okay for them.

About united

Bubble Buddy drinking shampoo

"Bubble Buddy Returns"

Main article: Bubble Buddy Returns

Six seasons and 11 years after his debut, Bubble Buddy makes his second in-series appearance. He sends SpongeBob a duty to babysit his rather troublemaking son, Shiny Bubble. Bubble Buddy makes only a minor appearance in this episode, only appearing in a flashback, writing a letter to SpongeBob, and in the ending when he picks up his son and thanks SpongeBob before leaving in his bubble plane. This episode also reveals the address of Bubble Buddy.

"Mall Girl Pearl"

He makes two cameos in the Bikini Bottom Mall. He is first seen on the top floor when Pearl is eating a Hotdog on a String and is seen again near the Halian stand when Nocturna asks if Pearl got a job.

Short appearances

"You Know You're From Bikini Bottom When..."

He appears towards the beginning in a clip from "Bubble Buddy."

Video game appearances

Battle for Bikini Bottom

He appears as one of the major secondary characters who appear in several of the game's levels. He serves as a tutorial character who explains and teaches SpongeBob new moves as the player progresses through the game's hub sections, which are the Bubble Bash, the Bubble Bowl, and the Cruise Bubble.

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

To draw the outline for your hero, one of the templates is Bubble Buddy.

Dutchman's Dash

Multiple Bubble Buddy balloons appear as collectable items in this game.

Book appearances

Bubble Buddy also made an appearance in the book adaptation of the episode "Bubble Buddy," They Blow Up So Fast.


  • His address has to do with soap and bubbles.
  • Since Patrick popped the Oldest Living Bubble in "Atlantis SquarePantis," this would probably make Bubble Buddy the oldest living bubble.
  • In "Bubble Buddy Returns," it is revealed that after he moved from Bikini Bottom, he started a family and now has a wife and a son, Shiny.
  • He is one of the only characters to be gone as long as he was and return.
  • In "Bubble Buddy Returns," he does not have a shadow.
  • The straw for the shampoo does not pop him.


  1. ^ Leif Erikson Day, the holiday on which debut episode takes place

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