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Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: gray
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Nat Peterson
Series information
First appearance: "Valentine's Day"
Latest appearance: "The Sewers of Bikini Bottom"
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Pilar[citation needed] is a common gray fish, who is best friends with Nat Peterson. He is tall, with mismatching fins that are small like Evelyn's. He appeared in "The Inmates of Summer" at Inferno Island as a prisoner, where he earned the distinctive nickname "Bruiser" and used SpongeBob's play to jail-break, though the plan did not succeed. Pilar and Nat made fun of SpongeBob's wig in "Wigstruck," where he asked where he could get one (sarcastically). Pilar was arrested by "ManBob and PatBoy" (SpongeBob and Patrick) because he had untied shoes in "Shuffleboarding." Pilar also makes a cameo appearance in "Hello Bikini Bottom!" during the first song where he asked Squidward for an autograph.


He is a gray fish in light blue pants and a black belt. He wears brown boots, but is also normally barefoot.



  • Pilar may be the second person to eat the most from Plankton's chum. The person who holds the record for eating the most chum is his best friend, Nat.
  • Pilar's arms are much shorter in "Shuffleboarding" compared to other episodes such as "Hello Bikini Bottom.
  • The episode "Hello Bikini Bottom" may prove that Pilar and Nat are still friends since Pilar is seen right beside Nat during the first song.


  • In "Band Geeks," he is seen spinning a flag so fast, that he dies.

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