The British Gentleman[1] is a character who only appears in the episode "Extreme Spots."


He is an olive-yellow fish who wears a dark salmon-pink/lavender sweater, light blue tie, gray pants, fancy black shoes, a monocle, a fancy gray hat, and always carries a pink teacup, supposedly filled with tea, and a pink saucer.

He has very crooked teeth, so he pronounces his words incorrectly and speaks with a lisp. When he tries to say "extreme sports," he says it as "extreme spots."


The British Gentleman first appears at Goo Lagoon where the Drastic Radicals were playing their extreme sports. SpongeBob and Patrick wonder what the Drastic Radicals are doing, and the British Gentleman tells them that they are doing extreme sports, but his accent causes him to say "extreme spots" instead (which is where the episode title that he is featured in comes from).

This makes Patrick sting himself with jellyfish to gain "extreme spots." SpongeBob already had "extreme spots." The British Gentleman is not seen again until the end of the episode.