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 Brain Coral Fields
is a place on the bottom of a cliff near Jellyfish Fields that appears only in the episode "Patrick SmartPants," when Patrick and SpongeBob were having an amusing time jellyfishing and playing in Jellyfish Fields.

The plot occurred when SpongeBob spotted a sign revealing that there is a dangerous cliff behind, which Patrick refused to care and sped straight towards the sign, smashing into it, and falling off the cliff into a place known as the brain coral fields. SpongeBob jerked out something what looked like Patrick's head, but was actually a piece of brain coral which made a plug into Patrick's body and made him extremely intelllegent and brilliant.

After several unsuccessful attempts of getting Patrick to play childish games with him again, SpongeBob felt sorrowful about Patrick's opposed behavior from before, which he could no longer be his best friend anymore. It was then revealed that Patrick was willing to end his being smart for the sake of friendship with SpongeBob.

The two were then shown back at the place where the plot began, and discovered brain coral fields, and found Patrick's real head. The episode concluded happily that the two finally became best friends again.


Brain coral

Real Brain coral

  • The brain corals resemble Patrick's head.
  • There is a real coral called brain coral although it looks completely different.
  • Brain Coral Fields is located along the bottom of a cliff at Jellyfish Fields.

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