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Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Light orange and green (Gary in Love)
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Spouse: Monica
Pet(s): Billy the Snail
Series information
First appearance: "Slimy Dancing"
Portrayer: Tom Kenny
List of characters

Brad is a man that makes a minor appearance on TV, and at the end of "Gary in Love," where he is seen to be the long lost boyfriend of Mable-Monica, and is a complete overmake, of the TV show that Gary was watching earlier.


He is a handsome fish. In some appearances, he has green fins and black hair and a yellow sweater. In Gary in Love, he is light orange with black hair and a red sweater.

He has a Snail named Billy, who he was walking, when he saw Mable.

His snail, Billy, ended up attracting Mary. He was also mentioned in the episode "Whale of a Birthday" when one of Pearl's friend's said that Angela likes him. That was probably before Brad graduated from Bikini Bottom Elementary School.

He might be married to a movie star, Monica, and might have a child seen in "Hello Bikini Bottom!"


  • "Monica!"
  • "Oh, Monica, I've thought I might never find you. I promise to never leave you at your side."
  • "Oh, Monica."
  • "Monica? Monica!"
  • "I was just taking Billy here for a walk."
  • "Now, let us go get a steaming cup of Joe."

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