If you were looking for the article about the book, then see Bottoms Up! Jokes from Bikini Bottom.

Bottom's Up is a very large and fancy city that SpongeBob, Sandy, and Patrick crashed into when they were flying Sandy's Rocket to Neptune's Paradise. It only appears in the PC video game, Employee of the Month. This city is very well mannered and most of its sophisticated inhabitants are Polish or French. It has many soothing and fancy attractions, much like New Kelp City, Bass Vegas, and Farawayville.


  • Oxygen Springs - A fancy spa in the center of the city. It has geysers that spew oxygen and can be used as hot tubs. This place has a building for changing and storing your clothes. A blue anchovy works in the building, presumably a janitor. There is a camera at the front gate that makes sure you have a jacket before entering the complex.
  • Sublime Seafoods - An upper-class restaurant in the Kelp Forest, on the edge of the city. You also need a jacket at this place. It is owned by Shapiro the Maitre'd, a fancy Polish shrimp.
  • Waverly Hills - A parody of Beverly Hills, it has many mansions and fancy houses, all except for Cowfish Craig, who lives in an old shack. A rich fish named Carlton Ritts complained because Craig had stolen one of Ritts' dropped Golden Coconuts.

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