Boring Science is a magazine that Squidward reads in the episodes "The Paper" and "Pat the Horse."


The front cover is colored tan-yellow with a picture of mitosis and the name of the magazine in blue. On the back cover, there is a picture of a cloud.

The magazine is named inappropriately (for humor purposes), as readers would not want to read something that is boring. It is about boring scientific facts, hence the name. Squidward says that it is "fun."


"The Paper"

Squidward sees SpongeBob having fun with Mr. Paper. He then says that the paper does seem fun to play with before covering his mouth, realizing what he said. He calls SpongeBob and Mr. Paper "stupid," takes out Boring Science, and starts reading it. Squidward then says reading Boring Science is fun. He reads about erosion and mitosis before hearing SpongeBob laugh.

"Pat the Horse"

Squidward reads it at the Krusty Krab while SpongeBob is looking outside at Patrick.


  • The name of the magazine is a parody/spoof of Popular Science.
  • This is one of the many magazines Squidward reads in the show, including "Art," "Boredom Weekly," and more.