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Boomerang Pet Ball

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Boomerang Pet Ball
Boomerang Pet Ball
Owner: Gary the Snail
Type: Toy
Appearance: "Gary Takes a Bath"
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The Boomerang Pet Ball is a toy that SpongeBob bought for Gary in the episode "Gary Takes a Bath." The toy made its only appearance in that episode.


The box label says, "New Boomerang Pet Ball. Really Works!" It is a small teal box that just fits the ball.

Role in the episode

The ball is a boomerang, hence the name. It can be thrown, and returns to whoever threw it.

When SpongeBob attempted to get Gary to take a bath, he threw the ball at the bathtub. However, the ball bounced back. Later, SpongeBob threw the box but it bounced back at his head when he was beginning to walk away.

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