How about this one? I call it Bold and Brash.

Bold and Brash is a painting made by Squidward, hoping to impress an art critic. The artwork is quickly panned and is later found at The Dump. It first appears in the episode "Artist Unknown."


The painting has a yellow background. A naked caricature of Squidward is the center of the piece, but with only four limbs instead of six. Also, this caricature has no mouth.

Role in episode

At the Adult Learning Center, Squidward gets a job as an art teacher. The art collector, Monty P. Moneybags, arrives, and one of the pieces that Squidward shows him is Bold and Brash. Mocking Squidward, Monty says that it belongs in the trash, so the Janitor throws it in the garbage.

Later, after Squidward motivates SpongeBob to get back to making art, SpongeBob finds Bold and Brash in a pile of garbage.