Bogus Business Bureau
Agent Twirp
Occupation(s): Checking if all businesses follow the rules and if customers are treated correctly.
Series information
Appearance: "For Here or to Go"
List of characters

The Bogus Business Bureau is an organization dedicated to making sure that all businesses follow the rules and that all customers are treated fairly. The organization was first mentioned in "For Here or to Go," after Plankton called them to lodge a complaint after Mr. Krabs would not allow him to participate in the annual bun seed counting contest at the Krusty Krab. Its most famous member is Agent Twirp.

When a complaint against a restaurant is brought before the Bureau, Agent Twirp and his workers will smash through the roof of the offending business and ask to speak to the manager. He will then tell the manager what rule he or she is breaking and tell him or her to follow it, otherwise he will shut down their business. One rule is that a customer must be served, no matter how "diminutive" or "annoying" they are. A second is that if the business is running a counting contest (seeds, jellybeans, etc.) and the customer gets the correct amount, the result is not deemed official unless the items are all counted.


  • The name of the bureau is reference to the Better Business Bureau.

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