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If you were looking for the article about the Castilian dub, then see Bob Esponja (European Spanish).
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Bob Esponja
General Information
Network: Canal 5
Canal 12 (El Salvador)
Gala TV
Megavisión (El Salvador)
MTV (Latin America)
Nickelodeon (Mexico, Central/South Latin America)
Country: United States of America
Language: Venezuelan Spanish
Seasons: 9
Dubbing studio: Etcétera Group (Miami/Venezuela)
Original run: November 7, 1999 - present
Wiki: Bob Esponja Wiki
International SpongeBob SquarePants

Bob Esponja is the Venezuelan Spanish dub of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Channel history






Information from Doblaje Wiki

NOTE: An * means that character is not dubbed.



Bob Esponja

Kaihimal Martinez (Season 1)

Luis Carreño

Patricio Estrella

Paul Gillman (Season 1-3)

Alfonso Soto

Calamardo Tentaculos Renzo Jimenez
Don Cangrejo

Luis Perez Pons

Carlos Vitale (Season 6-9)

Arenita Mejillas

Mercedes Prato (Season 1)

Anabella Silva (Season 2-4/5-6)

Yaraivi Alcedo (4-5)

Lilieana Chacon


Oscar Zuloaga (Season 1-2)

Luis Miguel Perez (Season 2-9)

Angel Mujica

Gary Jose Manuel Vieira

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Character Voice
Bob Esponja

Luis Carreño

Eduardo Garza (Trailer)

Patricio Estrella

Alfonso Soto

Luis Daniel Ramirez (Trailer)

Calamardo Tentaculos Renzo Jimenez
Don Cangrejo Luis Perez Pons

Luis Miguel Perez

Irwin Daayan (Trailer)

Arenita Mejillas Anabella Silva
Karen Melanie Henriquez
Gary Tom Kenny*
Perlita/Pearl Yensi Rivero

Rebeca Aponte

Carola Vazquez (Trailer)

Rey Neptuno / King Neptune

Roberto Colmenares

Arturo Mercado (Trailer)

Dennis Jose Mendez
Señora Puff / Miss Puff Isabel Vara
Cacahuate / Goofy Goober Ezequiel Serrano
Goofy Goober Waiter Rolman Bastidas
Perca Perkins / Perch Perkins Rolman Bastidas
Phil Gonzalo Fumero
Clock Johnny Torres
Pink Driving Fish Melanie Henriquez
Ciclope / The Cyclops Neil Ross*
Pirate Juan Guzman
Parrot Gonzalo Fumero
David Hasselhoff Juan Alfonso Carralero

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of water

In this Movie, Mexico and Venezuela actors was made characters voice.

Character Voice Country

Bob Esponja

(La Burbuja Invencible/Invincibubble)

Luis Carreño

Jose Antonio Macias (5 loops)

Venezuela (Luis)

Mexico (Jose Antonio)

Patricio Estrella

(Señor Super Todo/Mr. Superawesomeness)

Alfonso Soto


Calamardo Tentaculos

(Desafinardo/Sour Note)

Renzo Jimenez Venezuela

Don Cangrejo

(Sir. Pincha Todo/Sir. Pinch-a-Lot)

Luis Perez Pons Venezuela

Arenita Mejillas

(La Roedora/The Rodent)

Lilieana Chacon Venezuela



Angel Mujica Venezuela
Barba Burger/Burger Beard the Pirate

Raul Anaya

Sergio Gutierrez Coto (First Trailer)

Gary Lilieana Chacon Venezuela
Burbujas/Bubbles Beto Castillo Mexico
Karen Melanie Henriquez Venezuela
Perlita Melanie Henriquez


Señora Puff Isabel Vara Venezuela
Official Roberto Jose Antonio Macias Mexico
Kyle Alejandro Montiel Mexico
Henry Luis Rey Torres Mexico
Ben Ricardo Ortiz Mexico
Unnamed Seagull Allan Chirstian Mexico
Popsicle Twin #1 Cristina Hernandez Mexico
Popsicle Twin #2 Cristina Hernandez Mexico
Perca Perkins Miguel Angel Ruiz Mexico


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9




  • Squidward's Spanish name, Calamardo is based off of "calamari," a type of squid. The Spanish word for squid is also calamar.
  • A voice-over will usually read out what text is on screen.

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