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This is the page about Boaty (No Free Rides). If you were looking for the article about the other Boaty, then see Boaty (Gone).
Boaty in No Free Rides
Type: Vehicle
Appearance: "No Free Rides"
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Boaty is SpongeBob's boat. It is first seen in the episode "No Free Rides." It is given to him at Mrs. Puff's House during the celebration thrown by Margaret and Harold SquarePants when SpongeBob gets his driver's license from extra credit in that episode. Mrs. Puff attempts to boatjack it. SpongeBob loves the boat a lot.

Boaty is unfortunately destroyed when the boatcar crashes into the police car near the ending of "No Free Rides."


Boaty is an old-fashioned-looking boat. It is brown-colored and shaped like a regular boat. It has a radio, which is shaped like SpongeBob's face, and the license plate that reads "IM-RDY" (I'm Ready).


  • SpongeBob calls Boaty "the best boat in the deep blue sea."
  • SpongeBob calls another boat Boaty in the episode "Gone."
  • The "IM-RDY" license plate from this boat reappears in SpongeBob's garage in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods."

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