The Boat Wash is a facility that appears in the episode "The Getaway." It is the underwater equivalent to a car wash.


The Boat Wash is an underwater facility used for cleaning the exterior of boats. The building is designed like a peach-colored washing machine that contains a light-brown door seal with a transparent blue window. At the upper top of the "machine" is the industry's name in pickle green lettering. There is also a pink arrow sign on a bamboo pole right next to it that points at the building and has the word "wash" in yellow writing as well as blueish-purple dots.

Role in the episode

After robbing an electronics store (which SpongeBob was unaware of), Stickyfins needs to find a place where he can launder all the dollar bills he's received. SpongeBob knows just the right place, but first has to get his boat cleaned. To do so, he drives through the Boat Wash and starts driving crazily on his way out, much to Stickyfins' annoyance.

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