Blue SquarePants' House is the home of Captain Blue SquarePants. It is located next to BlackJack's House.



It is a blue/light blue metal house. It has two floors. It has four windows and two doors. It has two metal chimneys. At least one of the sides was painted purple. On the right, there is a garage and it is the same color as the rest of the house's exterior.


This is the only "interior" part of the house that has appeared. The inside has gray metal walls. Hanging up on the left wall is a shovel and a calendar that has an orange truck on it. Hanging up on one of the sides, possibly the same side, is a calendar with a red orange truck, a picture of the bottom half of a mermaid, and a saw with a red handle. Near this wall, there is a chair and stool with a blender on top of it. Hanging on another wall or the same wall, there is a calendar with a red orange truck and a picture of the bottom half of a mermaid. Near this wall, there is a speaker, a microphone, and CB radio on a wooden desk. In a corner of the room, there is a large speaker and a record player on a purple wooden crate or box.

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