The Blow Torch is a character that appears in the episode "Demolition Doofus." He is one of seven characters that competed in the Demolition Derby.


Blow Torch is a large, dark lime green squid. He wears a purple bandana over his eyes and a white t-shirt. He also drives a large, blue boat with a bumper, that looks like one from a train, in the front, turbo engines in the back, and the number "6" in red text on the side. Blow Torch can breathe fire, hence his name.


Blow Torch is first seen after Captain Lutefisk announces him. Blow Torch shares a laugh with The Kruncher after seeing his biggest threat being SpongeBob (who was named Le Squish). Blow Torch attempts to crash SpongeBob, but ends up getting his face ran over by SpongeBob. Blow Torch then tries one last attempt to crash SpongeBob, but fails and ends up crashing into a lifeguard's boat, losing the Derby.


  • Not counting SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff, Blow Torch is one of two characters that competed at the Demolition Derby who at least has any speaking lines. The other being The Kruncher.

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