• Shadowfan682

    Back then, I used to LOVE MysteriousMrEnter. His YouTube channel was great, and his reviews of all the stuff that I was blinded to when I watched episodes of Spongebob were really good. Although, as years went on, Enter's content became sour. He went from being a funny critic to some SJW loser that just reviews obscure pieces of animation. So where did he go wrong? I think in his Admirable Animation reviews, he started declining around the 70+ mark of his Atrocities series. His materials sorta started decaying, his interviews became less interesting and more rage. His mindless sheep that'd listen to everything kept listening. Like the Macintosh 1984 commercial, I'm ready to destroy the big brother figure controlling his sheep

    To be honest, …

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  • Figmeister

    Season One Review

    September 25, 2017 by Figmeister

    Season 1 Review

    I've watched PieGuyRulz's season reviews so many times that I want to write my own reviews for every Spongebob episode. So, here we are. Here are what I think the Season 1 episodes are rated.

    I will be using five ratings: Scumbob, Bad, Meh, Good, and Amazing. 

    All right, let me deliver my opinions!

    The pilot episode is, of course, very memorable. The great atmosphere and some memorable quotes are the best part. I also like the patty making sequence, it's very fun to watch. Basically, it's a good pilot, nothing amazing, because pilots are never fantastic, just there to ease the viewer into the series and introduce the main characters. And it does a great job at that!

    There's a problem I have that has nothing to do with the episode. Th…

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  • LeSushi

    The rules are simple , you look at the questions number , answer the question , and comment the question number and then your answer. 

    Easy! For any stage of spongebob fan to try and test themselves!

    End this word: ______Bob-______Pants

    Hint : Name of main character.

    What is the finest resturant in the sea?

    Hint : Spongebob works at the ______ ____

    What is Squidward's main feature?

    Hint : Squidward has a long facial feature.

    The Goo Lagoon is a mud ______.

    Hint : A big splat of mud.

    What does patrick like doing?

    Hint : A thing that includes just sitting or standing.

    What is the first episode named?

    Hint : Workers needed at the Krusty Krab.

    Question 1 : < Answer Here >

    2 :

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  • LeSushi

    Hello! I'm lesushi here with my review of the seasons! DVD movies next blog. Anyway here we go! 

    It's a good season , the first episode plays out perfectly to my friend who didn't know a few characters by heart so it introduced her. Other than the poor quality drawing it's good.

    Pretty good quality art this time , played out good like season one.

    Season 3 was very good, it was by far the best season


    Good I guess.

    A big change I didn't like.

    Ehh , improving a bit.

    Like season 7.

    Improved to a good I guess.


    Good so far!

    So that's it for the seasons! Bye! -LeSushi

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  • Shadowfan682

    Cave Dwelling Sponge aired yesterday, kicking off Season 11. Despite there are two seasons airing at the same time, I'd have to say that this episode's quality is that of earlier episodes. A common criticism I see with Spongebob is that the older is better. Those are obviously nostalgia goggle wearing millenials that believe anything retro is great. Being one myself, I enjoy both old and new animation, and can take a standpoint from those types of people. For clam's sake, I PLAY 90s era games! Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge is my favorite game of all time because of my nostalgia! So... you may be wondering what my opinions are on this episode after my useless little intro explaining how I can take a Millenial/Xer standpoint on how SB was then…

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans It's SpongeJay731 back with another Review about Spot Returns/The Check-Up.

    Before I begin I so forgot to make this the day it aired which was like 4 Months ago because I forgot all about it and I was pretty lazy this Summer, so yea. Anyway, let's get on with the 2 Episodes shall we.



    Man did I love this Episode. I loed every part from it and it was really soothin to see Spot Return, see what i did there lol, nevermind lol. Anyway, I was pretty stunned on how Plankton kept feedin Spot and gettin him pregos with his kids. This epsiode has alot of stuff that really got me feelin like a kid again, especially when SpongeBob makes his Aperence.

    I stinkin love SpongeBob when they make refernces that you can…

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans It's SpongeJa731 back with a Special about Learnin Your Mistakes and Thinkin about tryin somethin new and better than the old you.

    I type this blog in a slant yet self unhappy mood. I did some things in the past that was stupid, dumb, idiotic for me to explain the things I did. I think about it and learn from it but never really LEARN From It. I always have to brush somethin to the side and say "Stop" or somethinmlike that when I can clearly stop it figuratively and mentaly. 

    When i was younger I was always to told that one day I will soon get the torcha nd pass it down to the generation after me, now that I realized I'm about to hit that stage I think to myself, "What the heck have i been up to do such a task like that.…

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  • 24DimensionJumperXx

    Basic Info About My Ratings

    Hey! This is my first blog post and I decided to start by giving my first impressions of the new season 11 episodes "Cave Dwelling Sponge" and "The Clam Whisperer".

    To start, I'll be rating these episodes with word ratings rather than numbers. These ratings from best to worst are:

    GREAT - I enjoyed the episode immensely all throughout it GOOD - I thouroughly enjoyed the episode Decent - Mostly okay, but with considerably more good elements Okay - Mixed feelings or just not much of an opinion Subpar - Okay but with considerably more bad elements BAD - I disliked the episode throughout it AWFUL - I hated the episode throughout it

    While I have 7 totals possible ratings, I'm most likely going to stick with 3 basic ones …

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On AT Fans It's Spongejay731 back with another new back about Adventure Time's New Episodes The Wild Hunt, Always BMO Closing, Son of Rap Bear, and Bonnibel Bubblegum.

    Before I start I just say I found this stuff out by lookin it up o Youtube and watching a guy named Uncivilized Elk who's a pretty chill dude who reviews Adventure Time and sometimes other cartton series. So Shoutout goes to him for keepin ME updated with Adventure time stuff, and Poke Universe for providin the vids, too.

    Now lets get this stuff started with The WIld Hunt.

    Man this episode was Great. I was just sunned when Bumbo the Banana Monster killin all the Banana Guard was just, DANG. After what happened with Finn and Fern was just crazy and I was left with my mout…

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  • BrusselsDaBest516


    Hello, I'm doing a blog about Cave Dwelling Sponge. Its cool. At first it was off, but I enjoyed the rest.

    It follows with astonishing art and plot. The cave sponge was cool, felt like SB129. Though, Squidward wasn't a main character I think.

    Overall, the thing makes me go back to a baseball field, if you get a strike..bad episode. Home run..good episode. Its just like that.

    Ranking: 9.5/10

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  • SpongeJay731

    Nick Vs. CN Part 3

    September 23, 2017 by SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans It's SpongeJay731 back with another blog about Nick' Vs Cartoon Network once again.

    I got one thing to say about Nick. DANG. Nick is killin it right now. Rating Wise lol. Anyway, I don't care what ya'll say, Nick's takin over the channels in my opinion. I've been out for a week and I've just been chillin watchin Nick. I watched that Loud House/Welcome to the Wanye Week Last Week and I was like "Dang where's Cartoo Network." I mean when I look I know CN's doin that "New New New New" stuff, but look at Nick with it's Nickcoms and New SpongeBob Episodes on the epidoes on the weekend.

    When I think of Nicka nd Fall I always think of the Halloween epsiode that get views and ratings and what I saw on the Commercials of SB's Cav…

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans It's SpongeJay731 back with another Reveiw for the 2 epsiodes: Cave Dwelling Sponge and The Clam Whisperer.

     I enjoyed this episode alot. I was entertained how Partick got his tongue stuck on the ice and when it gets badly damage from the hot chocolate. I gotta say this was a really entertaining epsiode. One thing I really notice was the Amazing Atmopshere, and the Very Solid Texture/Feel of the Storyline from beginning to end. I really thought it played a huge role when SpongeBob got aressted from Spongey Spongey destorying Bikini Bottom, who is also voice by talented Tom Kenny if ya'll didn't know that.

    I really felt like Mr. Krabs play his soft Fatherhood like in the Golden Seasons in this epsiode, too. i'm starting t…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    While attempting to move SpongeBob's House/gallery to SpongeBob's house/gallery, I messed up with the other subgalleries. Anyone care to help me fix those missing stuffs?

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  • Tumblrdesxx

    I'm back

    September 23, 2017 by Tumblrdesxx

    Hello fellow ESB friends, it's your friend Des and welcome to a new blog.

    Since my break, I got to see Sabrina Carpenter in concert. It was really fun and I've seen her in the past, so this wasn't the first time. I also met my internet friend the same day! It was overall a great experience!! I went to a Sabrina concert thed day I seen my internet friend which was fun!

    Also on 9/22/17 I seen Jakw Miller live and it was AMAZING! I totally enjoyedc my night seeing him and I also got to meet his dad which was incredible for me! Now I see him January 2018!!

    I'm going to be doing a lot soon which I am happy about. I can't wait to vlog my exoeriences and stuff! I hope I also make moe ibf's I can consider meeting one day!

    I have not really had the mot…

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  • Madiyunu

    Four Months - Thank you!

    September 23, 2017 by Madiyunu

    Hello everyone! As you can see, this is my first blog post ever, and I know I'm a bit late on this, but I realised that I've been on this wiki for about four months now and honestly... I can't believe I've been on here for awhile. I've met so many people, I'm now a chat moderator and just in general so much has happened. 

    I just want to thank everyone for being there for me and making this such a great experience. Some of you probably don't know who I am since I'm not much of a social/editing user and I'm more of a chatuser, but I'd like to thank you too. It's great to see this wiki doing so well regardless of trolls and vandalism. It's really hard to believe how such a small community can come together. 

    If I may, I'd like to also give a hu…

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  • SpongeBob13579

    Trivia Time Contest 1

    September 22, 2017 by SpongeBob13579

    Welcome to the first Trivia Time contest! The winner of this contest will receive a special userbox and other prizes!


    • To enter, go onto chat while I am active. This is usually early in the morning or late at night (EDT).
    • PM me and ask to be in the contest.
    • You will receive a set of SpongeBob characters to choose from.
    • Send an emote of the character in the PM. The character you choose will determine the difficulty and type of question.
    • I will then give you the questions. You will have 15 seconds to answer them or else it will be counted as wrong.
    • After each question answered correctly, the difficulty will increase.
    • After 3 incorrect answers, the game will end and your score will be kept.
      • The top 5/10 will advance to the next stage, in which t…
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  • Toomaz

    The future of SpongeBob DVDs

    September 22, 2017 by Toomaz

    So with Season 9 releasing on DVD in October, what's next? Well I predict that as soon as The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom airs, a dvd will release the day after (Just like It's a SpongeBob Christmas!). I also think Season 10 will release in 2018. The US getting themed DVDs on the other hand... who knows. 

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  • BrusselsDaBest516

    How do people make infoboxes? (also I won't make a image on that world bubble

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  • BrusselsDaBest516


    September 20, 2017 by BrusselsDaBest516
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  • BrusselsDaBest516

    My dream.....

    September 20, 2017 by BrusselsDaBest516

    My dream infobox would be a Korean one. It should say "USERNAME is a native Korean speaker."

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  • Cicicity

    Proposal : Lighter censors

    September 20, 2017 by Cicicity

    I might get completely destroyed for this but, the current filtering rules are way too restricting for many users, especially because a good number of people here are over 15, judging from the age of the wiki.

    It seems pretty odd to get warned for saying a word that we really give too much meaning here. I'm not saying we should remove the censors entirely, but if they could be a bit more lenient, like allowing use of mild language (SOME curse words.) instead of the whole dictionary of cursing. Insulting another user (unless clarified as a joke by both users) will still be a punishable or warnable offence, though.

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  • Views06

    Unpopular Opinions

    September 20, 2017 by Views06
    • I actually like The Card its funny other than what Patrick said.
    • I think Stuck in The Wringer is MEH it's not that bad at least Patrick tried to help and it actually ended out good
    • House Fancy is Good everybody hates this episode because of a toenail and in House Fancy Squidward ends up Winning.
    • I hate Strawberries
    • I think Pop Tarts are NASTY!!!
    • Last but not least... I Like MrEnter's Videos I don't agree with all of his opinions but I have to admit he is hilarious!
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  • Lovetime12345678


    September 19, 2017 by Lovetime12345678

    Hey guys! so today I'm retiring because I have other wiki's to do. SpongeBob is a great show and this wiki isn't bad but I have many other things to do. Also, not much people like me, and that's just another problem. Goodbye everyone!

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  • BrusselsDaBest516

    I hope this is good! 

    Players (sign Sig)
    Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Player 7
    a FANDOM user Read more >
  • TheThomas5252

    I will now count up the results of everyone who participated and how many who got votes.

    (looks at the results)

    I have chosen the winners! Are you ready for this?

    Third place: LuigiTheMurderer - with 1 voter. The reward is the Goofy Goober Rock guitar!

    Next up, second place: Chuck123456 - with 2 voters. The reward is a new pet snail!

    The Glove World Event winners are... (drum roll)

    TheThomas5252 and Madiyunu! With a total of 3 voters! Their rewards are a bunch of Krabby Patties!

    Don't worry. Everyone else gets a consolation prize. I'm going to let you all ride the Fiery Fist o Pain!

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  • Kinji Takigawa Party Night

    I requesting to be a disscussion moderator.

    Heres a link to it:

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  • TheThomas5252

    Glove World Contest

    September 16, 2017 by TheThomas5252

    Hello! Nine users have entered, eight rides were chosen, let the contest begin! A couple of things I want to say first. One, it's too late to participate if you wanted to, as everyone has entered. Two, the voting is for which ride you would like to ride on the most if you went to Glove World. Let the contest begin!

    Closed! Contest is over! Poll has been removed.

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  • TheThomas5252

    Glove World Event

    September 16, 2017 by TheThomas5252

    Welcome to the third event by TheThomas5252! This time, it's an event about Glove World!

    Unlike the last event where you only had certain restaurants to choose, you are able to choose which ride you want. There are a lot of rides at Glove World, and for the day, someone is going to be the manager of that ride and control it. In the comments section below, say which ride you want to control for the day, and you will be added to the list below. I'll be choosing the Fiery Fist o Pain. You can even make up a ride if you want, as long as you acknowledge the fact it's still at Glove World. You also have the option to team up with a user having a ride, so it's possible for more than one user to have a ride. When we reach fifteen users, there will …

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  • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls

    OK, I'm technically still on wikibreak but I've decided that I might have a little time for the wiki for 5 days but until then, I will be off until November due to examinations. I will be back in November at latest and probably earliest.

    P.S. I see a lot of changes. :P

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  • SpongeBob13579


    September 15, 2017 by SpongeBob13579

    I will not be able to be on ESB for 2-3 days. Mr. Krabs says I have to work extra.

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  • Views06

    Squidward X Sandy

    September 15, 2017 by Views06

    I don't find any spongebob ships that good Like Spongebob X Sandy is just plain cringe and Squidward x Mr Krabs.

    I only do one ship and that ship is Squidward X Sandy.                  This ship can make sense because in Whatever Happened to Spongebob she called him "Squid Cakes" and in Frozen Face Off she harmed everybody else just to save Squidward . Finally, in Squidtastic Voyage she actually cared for Squidward in a life threatining situation. 

    In The Teaser for Legends Of Boo-Kini Bottom Squidward and Sandy were holding hands which is pretty cute TBH          I hope that they get into a bigger relationship later in the series :)

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  • SpongeJay731

    I'm Semi-Retiring

    September 15, 2017 by SpongeJay731

    What's Up Guys It's SpongeJay731 here with a sorta sad/"meh to people that don't really care about my blogs" blog. Today I decided that I will retiring my Blog page.

    Takin a Break for like a Week

    Well this might be it for my Blog page which all started 9 Pages aga with that "What if SB made his own restruant" thing. Nowadays I haven't been really gettin any updated news about SB since I rarely watch TV(Until that one day when I saw a preview of SB comin back with new Episodes of S11 on the 23rd).

    I've been pretty sloopy here lately and I decieded to retire because I got nothin here to talk about anymore. Well, atleast made it to 600 edits, but this might be a simi-retirement because of SB episodes comin on the 23rd and Ducktales, and WHOLE lo…

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  • Expert at Terraria


    September 14, 2017 by Expert at Terraria

    I changed my username from Toadsfactorysarrows to Expert at Terraria. The reason I changed it was because I didn't really like Toadsfactorysarrows. I like Expert at Terraria a lot better.

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    Krabby Patties are made with fresh ingredients, with minimal preservatives. Why? Even though we can see that they will guarantee preservatives, even if as much as quality takeaway burgers, they are portrayed as delicious packs of yummy goodness that do not fail to dissatisfy anyone in Bikini Bottom. So if everyone likes fresh, minimally processed, and delicious, then why not think that Krabby Patties are made using natural ingredients? The natural ingredients also makes them more susceptible to common issues that heavily processed foods would normally counter. There are several episodes that prove that the Krabby Patty contains fresh ingredients, or at least being cooked in a more fresher way.

    1. Just One Bite. Squidward could not resist the d…

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  • Views06


    September 13, 2017 by Views06

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  • TheSims2Player

    Read this please

    September 11, 2017 by TheSims2Player

    I changed my username. So I am a person who you have seen before. I'll change my profile picture soon.

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  • Davidsilverman

    Spongebob Season 5 Poll

    September 10, 2017 by Davidsilverman
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  • Kinji Takigawa Party Night

    Here are some few quote for you. 

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  • Spongebobvstheloudhouse

    I know this is a little late, but it's hard to believe that I have been an active user for 6 months! It's also hard to believe that I already have over 2,000 mainspace edits and I'm already a chat moderator! I'd like to thank a few people who gave me a great time!












    Nick Mick








    I'm sorry if I forgot you, if you want to be added you could just ask me!

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  • Dianecat98

    Many Spongebob fans belive that one of the clams that Spongebob killed in To Love a Patty was Junior. But to be honest I doubt if any of those clams were Junior. In fact I don't think any of them were Junior. Yes they have shown other small clams in the show other than Juinor like that baby clam from the episode The Smoking Peanut. But it's pretty much a most likely thing that neither of the clams that Spongebob killed in To Love a Patty was Junior. In that case Junior is actually still alive somewhere in his new home while the clams in To Love a Patty got killed by Spongebob.

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  • Squidlin Tentacooools


    September 10, 2017 by Squidlin Tentacooools


    • sweats nervously*

    We haven't been online in a while and we all apologise life has been.. busy. Just wanted to let everyone know that we're still here and thinking of you  :D Hope everyone is going well, missed you crabby patties heaps.

    Hope to talk soon little squidlers, keep squidlining!

    The one,the only, - Squidlin

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  • Dianecat98

    So what Spongebob episodes do you like yet a lot of people don't? Well one I like yet others don't is the episode Once Bitten.

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  • Nick mick

    What ELSE do I have to say about it? I won't lie- I just don't KNOW!!! I was (un?)fortunate to go with my dad and sister at a summer theatre (you know, one of those where there's no roof) to see it in Greek. And... it's... this will be a harsh one.

    OK, I loved the first movie, I kinda liked the second one (much like Ice Age 5, it's a continuation that keeps mostly fans entertained), but this one is... REALLY dry. At least Ice Age 5 had a plot that would be at least entertaining for fans.

    Anyway, what's the plot? Well, here are 3 (4?) story arcs:

    • During what will be known in recent history as one of the most rushed openings ever, we see the backstory of Balthazar Bratt, "a 1980s child actor who grows up to become a villain." Yeah, sorry if I s…
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  • Davidsilverman
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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On Guys It's SpongeJay731 here with another blog, but this time it's about 'Friends" by Justin Bieber.

    One You Hear It, You'll Be Singin It For Days

    DANG THIS SONG IS CATCHY!!! No lie I was just chillin on the bus when I firsted hear that song. Man I totally get this song because I had a Gf  myself and I sorta want our realtionship to be more than friends and it's been really noticiable and I'm surprised I haven't asked her out again.

    I totally get this song because at this time LAST YEAR my VERY close friend named....SIKE I'm not gonna tell ya her name lol.

    I Hate Little Jay

    Little J: Her name is Janiece


    Little J: What?

    Me: I was gonna keep her name a secret but you just had to give out there huh?

    Little J: Yea


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  • TheThomas5252

    Hurricane Irma

    September 8, 2017 by TheThomas5252

    You all probably know about the Hurricane Irma. Well, there is a possibility that it will hit my area. If it does, please wish me luck and to be safe. I'm also hoping my family will be safe too. I'm scared for the Hurricane Irma, as who knows what kind of damage it will do if it hits my area. I'll be hoping for the best, and that nothing bad happens to me or my family or my house.

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  • Views06


    September 8, 2017 by Views06

    I Just became a discussion mod my request was mostly  Because users thought i would be great ... And i was ! I have been cleaning sppam latley!

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    Today, I was watching a bit of Ed Edd and Eddy and I found the episode "Truth or Ed" to be similar to "Krabby Kronicle" of SpongeBob. In this episode, Eddy was acting like Mr. Krabs, while Edd was like SpongeBob, and Ed like Patrick, in my opinion. Eddy likes the idea of making newspapers, and when he takes over after Edd decides to look for a knitting club, Eddy makes fake news on newspapers rumoring other people. Ed distributes the newspapers and earns heaps of quarters (25c each). Soon, everyone was complaining to Edd, the supposed editor, about posting the rumors. Edd asks Eddy about how people were complaining to Edd, but Eddy tries to cover the truth of he making the rumors, and accidentally drops all the quarters from the hat that …

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  • Ginormous Thing

    Fire Hydrant

    September 7, 2017 by Ginormous Thing

    Welcome to Fire Hydrant. The game where you dislike a episode one at a time (10)

    Episode User Sig
    "A Pal for Gary" A FANDOM user

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  • Expert at Terraria

    1,000 edits

    September 6, 2017 by Expert at Terraria


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