• Golfpecks256

    Goes for 100!

    April 22, 2018 by Golfpecks256

    I am really happy that I've been editing for 265 consecutive days in a row! I was very keen and determined back in August, 2017 to contribute every day for a year. Also, to keep track of that, I've been following by progress by paying attention to the 365 Badge which displays how many days are left in my goal. Now, I have to contribute just for 100 more consecutive days and it's very hard to contribute every day especially when you're busy. Hopefully, this August, I will achieve my goal!

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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone, it is me Worksponge! Since I went on my blog hiatus, I noticed the Blog rate has been going down, so I am started my premiere week of blogs!

    Also, it is 4/20, and a lot has been happening today! So why not add to the specialness?

    I have tens of ideas I have for future blogs! I may post like 2 or 3 a day to get some out of the way! Anyways, back to the purpose of this blog!

    I would like it if you guys ask me some questions! It can be about anything! I have been greatly you guys have been tuning in to my blogs!

    I will have A LOT of blogs in the next 3 weeks - months. As I said earlier, I will post 2-3 a day sometimes. That's how much ideas I have!

    Thank you! Please ask me questions (don't be afraid to ask) and please tune in for f…

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  • Mr.chubby

    The 2 latest episodes as of the making of this blog are being reviewed by me now!

    I loved this episode.The concept was unique and all the funny jokes they make are hilarious!The ending was so weird, King Neptune like came out of nowhere, but it was cool, as he hasn't appeared a lot in the series.The starting was just joke after joke, and I also like the message of this episode.Overall fantastic episode!


    Probably some of the best slapstick humor in the series!This episode was just absolutely hilarious, and I like all the neat references this episode makes, which theres a lot of, like doodlebob or the date the 1st episode came out.I also like how the Chum Bucket isn't super nasty, and Planktons bedroom isn't really a nasty place, a…

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  • SpongeJay731

    Goin on a Break!!!

    April 19, 2018 by SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans, it's SpongeJay731 here with some unespecting news...I'm takin a break for a while. I'm started to get a little tired of bein crampped in my house, and as of right now with my Bond that I have with Nature, Family, and friends, I just want to go out and chill in the Places I haven't been in a while.

    One on the main reasons I'm takin this break is yes my Bond with nature, but also my Bond with God and the things he's tellin me that I'm startin to do a lot more thing than what I'm doin right now, and it's gonna get better and better as I trust in Him more and more throughout the rest of my Life. I've also been getin back in the routine of Meditating again, and I'm not gonna loss the things that really help me benefit not o…

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  • Mr.chubby

    Click here to see my overated blog.Now lets see what Pre-Movie episodes I think are underated!

    Really funny and cool

    Intrancity says this is his only abhorrent of all of Spongebob.I disagree.

    I know people like this, but I love this, it's a great way to teach how to tie your laces


    Ugh, why do people hate this episode?

    I didn't find as much underrated PRE-MOVIE episodes than overated.:(

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  • Mr.chubby

    So here I am today to look at some really loved pre-movie episodes that I just dislike or don't like as much as others.Lets Go On!

    I found this boring and not funny, though at least it does a okay job at introducing Sandy

    People say Squidward deserved what he got, but seriously?All he did was say that he didn't want to go jellyfishing!If the torture was funny I would give it credit, but it's not!I found the firmly grasp it joke really bad, as Patrick literally broke Squidwards thumb, though I did chuckle a bit.Not much else funny.

    Considered one of the best.I just don't find it that amazing, though still great.


    Basically the same reason as Jellyfish Jam

    The only thing special was the basically the setting.not bad, just decent,…

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  • Mikecoo

    One Coarse Meal

    April 18, 2018 by Mikecoo
    1. 41- One Coarse Meal

    So you may be saying "why is One Coarse Meal only at #41"? Yes, I don't hate this as much as other people do. I actually really like the beginning and the wacky bucks joke but that's the only thing that saves me from hating this episode more. The sucide scene isn’t a bad thing it’s just Mr. Krabs, he is cruel to Plankton. If he got punished at the end I would of liked it a bit more. The second half was also awful. Overall this episode is overhated but it’s still bad.

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  • Worksponge

    "Easy For You"

    April 18, 2018 by Worksponge

    "Easy For You" Lyrics


    I hate this x4

    Verse 1

    You get anything you want - including me

    You are equivalent of a star,

    I'm at a lower degree

    Man, I hate this feeling

    Pain just conceals me


    You are the football star

    I'm just someone sitting on the bleachers

    You get all hearts,

    Man, I wish I had your features

    I hate getting this feeling: weaker


    You get anything you want, it is easy for you,

    Anything you want to do. x2


    I can't get mad at you, for having things I don't have

    But I work way harder, things still fall in your lap

    I find it practical how you aren't so bad

    I guess it's easy for you

    Really easy for you-oo-oo

    Verse 2

    You can get away with the cruelest schemes

    Just because you're a higher tier, automatically

    Puts me at the …

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  • NatRox

    Bottle Burglars is the best episode of Season 11!  oops, sorry.  Maybe got a little ahead of myself.  This episode is great!  I love it, for several reasons.

    The comedy in this episode is hilarious!  The slapstick scene is hilarious, and there are several good jokes as well.  The slapstick scene is hilarious, from the facial expressions, to the graudal escalation to the Titanic.  Maybe SpongeBob takes place in 1912?  That's just a theory, A GAME THEORY!!!  Anways, there's also a pretty dark joke with the chum, and SpongeBob and Squidward being grinded together.  This episode has a lot of other jokes that I won't spoil for people, but my favorites are  the "circular file cabinet," Bubble Bass and Patrick, the slapstick scene, SpongeBob's face…

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  • Qwertyxp2000 the second

    Buy me!

    April 17, 2018 by Qwertyxp2000 the second

    If you have been playing My Singing Monsters for a long while, you may have noticed that I am currently on sale on the StarShop! Just kidding! It’s just a Rare Deedge, so it won’t necessarily be me.

    Get me while I last!

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  • Jodan111

    1 year anniversary

    April 17, 2018 by Jodan111

    This is my 1 year anniversary!

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  • SBiCFan

    Hey guys, just to let you know this blog is gonna be longer than my other ones. I'm gonna explain why one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes, Stuck in the Wringer, doesn't deserve all the hate it has.

    (This blog contains episode spoilers. If you haven't seen this episode and don't want to spoil yourself, it's okay to stop reading at any point.)

    So it starts off with SpongeBob taking a shower before dropping his soap bar in a dramatic slow-motion like fashion. I find some instances slow motion to be funny. He gets another one and goes through the wringer to dry himself off. I especially love this enthusiasm here.

    As he gets ready for work he slips on a bar of soap, not getting stuck yet though. He avoids this situation again when he sees that h…

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  • TallTitan70

    As with every show, newer eras of cartoons can have their own fair share of great installments. Like the original pre-movie era, SpongeBob's modern era have some of the best the series have to offer. This list is dedicated solely to the best of the best of said era since if I did the worst, this wouldn't really come as anything surprising or interesting as it's been done to death because obviously SpongeBob has gone downhill after the first full-length film in 2004. A Worst list, just to make things more interesting, will come for the pre-movie era rather. (Even if most of the first three seasons' weakest are just not as appealing as others) Now for a few notes: I haven't seen every episode in the new era, so if I missed one of your favori…

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  • PineappleUnderTheSea

    What are your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants episodes?

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  • Tmtmgmmg
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  • SpongeJay731

    Making a Difference

    April 15, 2018 by SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans, It's SpongeJay731 here with a Personal Blog that I've been wantin to share to Y'all, an I hope Y'all take the time to stop read this, and have a big smile on your face as I share some Personal Things about Inspirng Others and makin a differnece. I also might be reflecting on the things that really taught me to be the person that I am as of rigth now, so it might get a bit emoitional, since I did (at the time) try to do some really bad things to myself. I hope Y'all like this as much as I did makin it.

    Things that Helped me Learn.

    Well I have a lot to say about that title since when I was little, I use to do a lot of childish things and as I got older I did do some really messed up things that I have dome back then in Ye…

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  • RedBomb1

    After a few weeks off from ESB, I thought long and hard about it, and I'm officially deciding to return today.

    However, I have a few problems I'd like to address:

    1. During the break, I got globally blocked for vandalizing a wiki and using a racial slur on the SpongeBon Fanon Wiki.

    I'd like to apologize for this mistake. Even though it happened outside of ESB, I should not have been so ignorant to FANDOM'S ToU. Though either FANDOM Staff or SBFW admins should have deleted that racist chain thread, as it is both a violation of FANDOM and SBFW's ToU, and leaving it on there is sort of encouraging other users to break the rules.

    1. While I was globalled, a user named joined and came to my defense, and yes that was my sister. I was just so angry back the…
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  • Spongestur6

    Welcome to the Forest: SpongeBob reopens his well-known fast food platform Pretty Patties when he hears about the majority of Bikini Bottom residents moving to the Kelp Forest.

    Double or Nothing: Mr. Krabs has trouble coming up of new sandwiches for the Galley Grub after the customers get bored of the same old sandwiches.

    Wagon Went West: Patrick must find the golden racing wagon for a tournament.

    The Klumsy Klam: Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob must confront the owners of a new fast food service to stop stealing their ideas after customers accuse them for copying their ideas.

    Love Letter: Squidward and Mrs. Puff team up to prevent SpongeBob from sharing a private Valentine's Day love letter to the ocean that day that pairs up the two.

    Terribletopia: S…

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  • Worksponge

    It's me, Worksponge! 

    So I was bored today, I had a few blog ideas but I was too lazy to type them up, so I had another idea!

    Let's get this blog post to 500 comments, and I will do ANY TYPE OF BLOG POST you want and/or start a YouTube channel (it will be similar to my blogs!).

    You could start below 👇 right now!

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  • Lumoshi

    5 years on ESB

    April 14, 2018 by Lumoshi

    According to my profile, I first joined this site on April 14, 2013. Now, it's still April 13th locally, but since Wikia goes by the UTC time zone, then it's already the 14th. I have been on Wikia in general for nearly 6 years, but since joining ESB, it's only been 5 (although I've really only been that active for the last year or so). I didn't edit much back when I joined, but I remember the place being so different to now! It's really evolved.

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  • AJIsthecoolest

    I'm back on the WIKIA.

    I was gone for a long time due to personal reasons.

    So, I'll be contributing again.

    And on the forums, chat and other stuff.

    I just wanted to let my friends and other people know that I'm back.

    That's really it.


    I forgot how to put in a signature, so... can someone please remind me on how to do that?

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans, it's SpongeJa731 here with anonther Review about the latest new SB Episode, "Bottle Burglars." Sorry about the delay, I was busy doin some things outside fo the Wikia, and I'm just now gettin on and doin this. Again, I'm very sorry for the late post, just been really busy today. I hope Y'all like this late post, as much as I did makin it.


    "Bottle Burglars"

    One thing I liked about this epsiode was how they put what seem to be a lot of referencesto good use, and had a lot of funny moments that tok a huge hoot out of me. Like I've said before, I liked how they creativeness of the pervious epsiodes and so forth are gettin better and better buy the epsiodes, and the ark is startin to focus one characters that…

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  • Worksponge

    It's me Worksponge, here with another blog! Today's blog will be different as it will be  my story time on the times I got blocled, why they were petty for doing it, and how this wikia does nothing and are a bunch of hypocrites! 

    Time #1: This was around November/December 2016. I was very depressed at the time and I was on chat saying very "suicidal" things. No one decided to help me and when I said I wanted to sl*t my wrist I was blocked for a week. It was very unnecessary and I take a 4 month wikibreak. When I came back, everything was going good until last summer.

    Time #2: I had got banned around July of last year for "encouraging users to do illegal things" when I basically just said, if I was JustDanceMaster2003 , I would've uploaded th…

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  • Spongebobdude101

    Hey, everyone, So today i'm going to review High Sea Diving!

    Rating: Good

    They could've done better, I don't like Mr. Krabs in this one but other than that it's good!

    Bye, Everyone!

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  • Mikecoo

    It is time. This is officially where the series had reached its peak. I can instantly just call this a fantastic episode. No. That’s an understatement. This episode is magnificent. Actually scratch that. This THE greatest episode this series has ever produced, and as of now, my favorite episode in all of animation. It is THAT brilliant. I can’t see anything topping this. That’s how awesome this episode is, and if anything, it deserves this position.

    You know, what makes this episode stand out from the rest of the episodes is the format of this episode. The concept of this episode is so unique. Like how many of you have seen an episode which is a training video in any other show? How often do you see an episode which actively involves the au…

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  • Worksponge

    Hello guys it's Worksponge!!! My day is going bad, so ima make this quick!

    I think there will. I don't know how well ratings will do though. There has been a huge decline lately. I predict they will renew the season sometime in the winter. It will air sometime in 2020 or 2021, depending on how they stretch out season 12 due to the 3rd movie. Unless season 12 air throughout 2019.

    What do you guys think? Will it get renewed? If it does will it air before or after the 3rd movie? Comment your thoughts below 👇 and thanks for reading my blogs!

    Xoxo, Worksponge💗💕

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  • Kirbyfan100

    Honestly, I think dogmons ORRRRR invader zim, but, that's just my opinion.

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  • Mr.chubby

    So heres my bottom 5 for Pre-Movie Spongebob, which theres a couple, even in Season 3.#5 to #2 are bad, with my least favorite being an Abysmal IMO(OPINIONS CAN CHANGE).Also, the ones I haven't reviewed in the past I will say will be a part of my Mini Reviews series, so don't expect me to re-review these any time soon.Anyways, on to the countdown!

    I actually prefer I'm with Stupid over this.This was a really boring episode and most of it was really just Spongebob procrastinating.They don't really make jokes in this episode, especially considering this is in Season 2, and the dream sequence was the only reason this wasn't lower down.

    Although I don't think it's as bad as I used to think, it's still a pretty bad and really boring episode.This …

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  • Worksponge

    Hi guys, it's Worksponge here back with a other blog for my 2 week premiere of blogs! anyways today's blog will be interesting to say the least.

    Well, I guess you can technically say they did in "Atlantis SquarePantis", but that doesn't really count because the location of Atlantis is a mystery!

    Anyways, in most episodes, they are in Bikini Bottom or a nearby town similar to it. The characters never went to another ocean, continent with seas, gulfs, or lakes but that is freshwater), rivers (I don't know if characters could survive in all of these conditions). I find this really interesting... This leads me to my conspiracy!

    Theory #1: You guys know about the conspiracy theory of SpongeBob taking place in a post-apocalyptic nuclear war? This g…

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  • Mr.chubby

    Since it's a half Season, I'l review it in a bundle.Also keep in mind that I'll be reviewing Spongebob You're Fired in a seperate review, because that episode is just crazy awful.Now Enjoy the review!

    I really enjoyed this one.All the sports stuff were good, and they make a lot of funny jokes along the way, like Patrick saying he wasn't ready for exersize, or when Spongebob is boxing a pillow and when he falls and gets back up, Patrick throws a pillow at him.The weird accent dude was hilarious, saying"Extreme Spouts..spitting...".It's also cool to see all these cool characters, I hope they come back in another episode.Overall really good way to start the Season


    This to me was just really boring, I wasn't interesting or had that m…

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  • JessieBunny

    Hi again! Welcome back to my blog :D

    Today I'm going to be going through some SBSP quotes. 

    So, a while ago, I asked in a discussion what were some SBSP quotes, and here were the responses.

    RedBomb1: Far too many to list.

    I agree, there are a lot.

    Auron~Guardian: Firmly grasp it in your hand (net falls)
    Firmly grasp it... (net falls again)
    FIRMLY GRASP IT!!!! (stabs Squidward with the net)
    That ought to do it.

    That one was really funny :D


    I can't remember which episode that one was from, but it is hilarious ^u^

    Christianboi: NO THIS IS PATRICK!! 

    I loved that one XD never gets old.

    So, here are some ones that I thought of:



    Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs? 

    That was about it XD 

    So, thank yo…

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  • Worksponge

    It is Worksponge here, tired and exhausted from school. It's G though, still a freshman.

    So today we're going to talk about why Season 3 is the most different  season out of all 11 seasons of SpongeBob. Here are the perks:

    Season 3 had many types of episodes - but they were anything like "normal episodes." The season opener "The Algae's Always Greener" has to do with Mr. Krabs and Plankton switching lives and is the only episode where SpongeBob doesn't appear. "Krusty Krab Training Video" was basically just a training video for future employees of The Krusty Krab. Which is one of the greatest episode ideas of the whole show. "Ugh" had to do with primitive sponges and "Missing Identity" was more of a story-telling type of episode! This season…

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  • Tyler730

    Hey guys. Welcome to the final part of my Top 100 Worst SpongeBob Episodes! Today I will discuss my 25 most hated episodes of the series. I’ve already discussed the Mediocre, Poor, Bad, Awful, Terrible, Unsatisfactory, Vile, Horrendous, and part of the Heinous episodes (Parts 1, 2, and 3) Now we’re continuing the Heinous category, and entering the Abhorrent category. As always, it’s my opinion and if you disagree with me, that’s perfectly okay. Now click on this soundcloud and let’s get started! .

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  • JessieBunny

    Hi again! Welcome back to my blog.

    So today, I am going to be reviewing one of my FAVOURITE episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, One Krabs Trash.

    So, let's get started.

                                                                   What I Like About One Krabs Trash

    I like most of it, I like the Army of the Living Dead scene, I like the "here lies Squidward's hopes and dreams" gravestone, if I stayed here saying what I like about this episode, this blog post would take three hours to read.

                                                                    What I Dislike About One Krabs Trash

    I honestly don't know. There's so much about this episode that I LOVE, so it's hard to see what's bad about it. 

    How about this: Comment your least favourite momen…

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  • Worksponge

    Hello guys, it is Worksponge here back with another blog! I would like you guy's opinion on today's blog!

    Wanna know my opinion??

    My answer is: yes. I feel they don't have to put popular songs as of now, maybe in the 2000s, or 90s, or even 80s. The reason I say that is because in the episode "Band Geeks" they used the song " Sweet Victory"which was released in 1986, and the episode premieres on 2001. Meaning it was 15 years when the song premiered on SB. If, for instance, they use Avril Lavignes "Complicated" (which was released in 2002) for a future episode aired in 2018, the song will be 16 years old, just a year older than Sweet Victory when it was used. According to Nick, they have some access to some royalty-free songs, which means the …

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  • Mr.chubby

    Welcome to Mini Reviews, where we try and review every episode of Spongebob, today were looking at Episode 13, 14 and 15, consisting of 6 11 minute episodes from Season 1.Enjoy!

    This was really good for the first halloween episode.It had some pretty funny comedy, like the pickle joke or Spongebob being scared of literally anything, and the ending was really cool, as it's the first time we saw the Flying Dutchman, and the part where Spongebob was scaring everyone in the Krusty Krab was funny too.The costumes of everyone are really cool and the very ending with Spongebob where everyone gets scared of everyone because his body got ripped and all he has is a brain was hilarious.Overall a funny and great halloween episode.


    If Scaredy …

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  • AFallenPower


    April 9, 2018 by AFallenPower

    I was considering making this announcement, but incase you noticed, I am not super active. Well I am here everyday, but I don't really edit as much, maybe one to two edits on some days. Just this is due to me spending time on other stuff and I kinda am losing interest in contributing to this wiki. Editing here for me has loss its addiction. I hopefully can recover in activity by summer break, maybe even at that time request for Assistant! But at this point, it's a crossroad for me...

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  • Jodan111


    April 8, 2018 by Jodan111

    I am now retiring because its not the same as what it was like the folowing months: April, May, June, July and August. But after that people keep bringing up drama and alot pf stuff. Note: I will be active on other wikis just not this one.

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  • Spongestur6

    End of the Enemies: Man Ray, The Dirty Bubble, Plankton, Flats the Flounder and The Tattletale Strangler compete against SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Mermaid Man in The 50th Annual Superpower Duel. With Barnacle Man coaching the villains and Squidward coaching the heroes. This could be a TV Movie or a 22-minute episode.

    Friday the 14th: Patrick desperately doesn't want to forget SpongeBob's birthday again. So, he makes an appointment with a doctor to help him remember important details in his life.

    Wise Eyes: SpongeBob and Squidward try to convince Mr. Krabs to pay for a pair of glasses after an appointment to the eye doctor.

    Man of the Century: SpongeBob and Patrick try to prove that they're not childish by attempting to complet…

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  • Lumoshi

    Hello! I have compiled my season-by-season ratings and modified them to use my detailed rating scale here. This is a W.I.P., so I have only added the 3 most recent seasons.


    Season 9A overall rating: '


    Season 9B overall rating: '

    Season 9 overall rating: '


    Season 10 overall rating: '


    Season 11 overall rating: '
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  • Spongestur6

    This is my official opinion on the fifth season of SpongeBob SquarePants. But before you get to the pictures, I want to say that this was a homage to Mikecoo. He made a similar card for the fifth season recently. So I'd like to thank him for giving me a wonderful idea to create my own card titled "Card of Decisions." Enjoy!

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  • Mr.chubby

    Welcome to Mini Reviews, where we try to review every episode of Spongebob, today were looking at both of the Christmas Specials from Spongebob.Enjoy!

    I really liked this special, it's just a really fun episode, especially for the 1st special Spongebob has had.I like all the funny jokes they tell in the episode(genie, Mr.Krabs singing in a really high voice, etc), and Squidward role was awesome, as he actually felt bad for Spongebob and when he got a gift, he gave a gift to Spongebob.The song was great too, and overall a fun episode if you wanna watch a Christmas special on Christmas(or on Christmas Break).


    IMO this is better than the 1st Christmas speical, and it actually land on my Top 5 best episodes of all of Spongebob!Anyway…

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  • Mr.chubby

    We all know Kaz is a Writer of Spongebob(Okay, maybe not all of us, but most), so I'm here to give my ratings for every episode he's written!I'll be showing how Good his writing was in each Season, then at the end, I will give my overall rating for him as a write

    Season 3:

    • Nasty Patty-Great
    • Wet Painters-Great
    • Chocalate with Nuts-Great
    • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 5-Great
    • Mid-Life Crustacean-Great
    • I Had an Accident-Good

    GREAT Season 3 Writer

    Season 9:

    • The Sewers of Bikini Bottom-Great
    • Spongebob Longpants-Meh
    • Copybob Dittopants-Great
    • Sold!-Great
    • Pineapple Invasion-Great
    • Salsa Imbecilicus-Bad
    • Mutiny on the Krusty-Bad

    GOOD Season 9 Writer

    Season 10:

    • Mermaid Pants-Great
    • Snooze You Lose-Good
    • Spongebobs Place-Meh
    • Life Insurance-Great
    • The Getaway-Great
    • Patricks Coupon-Me…
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  • Worksponge

    Hello everyone, it is Worksponge here! Today blog will not be about SpongeBob, instead it will be about my favorite artist of all time: Lady Gaga! 

    I'm case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a real big FAN of Lady Gaga. She is a queen and legend. 10 years ago, exactly on THIS date, Gaga released her debut single, "Just Dance." The single went on to sell over 10 million copies WW and become one of the best-selling singles of all time! The song lead Gaga to become the legend she is today and she is one of the best artists of ALL TIME only 10 years into her career!  While you're here, stream and download on as m any music apps as you can!

    I love Gaga So much because she is an authentic musician. You can tell she loves music, AND HER FANS. Her fans…

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  • Mr.chubby

    Here I'll be showing my rating for every year of Spongebob

    • 1999-Meh Year
    • 2000-Good Year
    • 2001-Great Year
    • 2002-Great Year(Best Year)
    • 2003-Meh Year
    • 2004-Good Year
    • 2005-Good Year
    • 2006-Good Year
    • 2007-Good Year
    • 2008-Abysmal Year(Worst Year)
    • 2009-Bad Year
    • 2010-Bad Year
    • 2011-Meh Year
    • 2012-Meh Year
    • 2013-Meh Year
    • 2014-Meh Year
    • 2015-Good Year
    • 2016-Good Year
    • 2017-Great Year
    • 2018(so far)-Great Year

    4 GREATS, 7 GOODS, 5 MEHS, 2 BADS and 1 ABYSMAL Years.Overall, throughout the years, Spongebob has been a GOOD Show.

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  • 2OldMenAndAComic

    This is a new type of review I like to call Sibling Combat! In these, I review and compare sister episodes. Specials are out unless there are 2 specials that are similar to each other enough that they can be considered sisters; for example, "Christmas Who?" and "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" Today we will be tackling 11a and 11b: "MuscleBob BuffPants" and "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost".

    11a Minutes in 11b

    a review by Eric "2OldMen"

    11a, MuscleBob BuffPants:

    This episode is, and I know I'm going to get backlash from this, but this is the 2nd worst Season 1 episode now that I've reviewed it. The main flaw is the supporting cast. Larry, Don, and the others are stupid in this episode. I get that it's supposed to be that way, but still. When someo…

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  • Worksponge

    Hello guys it is Worksponge here another blog for my 2 week premiere of blogs!  Today's blog will be very special (No pun intended), as I talk about the type of Holidays SpongeBob should make episodes about.

    I think that will be awesome to have a Thanksgiving special. Maybe it contains just SpongeBob and his family, and how he (SpongeBob) is kind of like the odd one out, of all his family. Idk, I would love to see a TG special regardless, and we need one before the series ends!

    This would be an awesome episode! SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs work really hard at the KK, so why not make an episode around them about Labor Day in Bikini Bottom? 

    I'm surprised they haven't did this already. LikeLikez, what if Bikini Bottom is celebrating the …

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  • Mr.chubby

    Welcome back to Mini Reviews, where we try and review every episode from Spongebob!Today were looking at the episodes that preimered on Valentines Day, which there are 3 of them.Enjoy!

    I think this is a good example of good jerky Patrick, as he has a reason to be a jerk(he doesn't get any gifts), and the line "I defy you heart man" is just hilarious.Other than that, not much here was that special, and the episode wasn't that funny, so I had a hard time picking which rating to give this episode, but I think I'll call this good, as although it's nothing special, the story was interesting at the very least.Close to meh though.


    This episode seems to come up very rarely on TV, which is a shame, cause this was pretty good!It's a farily …

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans, It's SpongeJay731 here with a Major Blog about SpongeBob's 2nd Era Risin' form Season 9 to now, and what's to come in the Future. I was thinkin about makin this Blog for weeks and I wanted to see who wanted to make it along with me, so I got someone well know for his Huge Weekly Blogs, and Y'all probably guessed it, Plz Welcome WorkSponge!!!

    For this Blog, not only will I have a huge opportunity to work with someone as awesomely creative as Work, but I get to also know what episodes he likes, that I don’t know. It’s a good way to show 2 major Bloggers joinnin up in One Blog and gettin this whole thing wrapped up in a nice neat bow. Now without further ado, let’s begin this Blog with some great things about Season 9 as …

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  • SpongeJay731

    What Goes On SB Fans, It's SpongeJay731 here with another Review about the New SB Epsiode "High Sea Diving". I hoped y'all like this Review as much as I did makin it. Now wiithoout further ado, let's get this started.


    "High Sea Diving"

    WOW!!! This episode was really Creative, and Really Good. I just like how I said about the Secondary Characters or Tertiary Characters all played a pretty good role in this epsidoe, which I liked the most. Apart from the fact that the beginnin was good, I just liked how there was less Patrick, Squid, and Krabs, cuz like I said in one of MANY of my blogs I've made talkin about the Secondary Characters not being in a episode like the Original ones back then just really backfired at me, and I ha…

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