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Black Snail
Black Snail
Physical appearance
Color: Blue with a dark purple underside and a black shell with a blue stripe
Eye color: Red-orange
Classification: Black Sea Snail
Enemies: Eugene H. Krabs
Series information
First appearance: "One Krabs Trash"
Latest appearance: Bad Luck Day (book)
List of characters

The Black Snail is a sea snail who appears in the episode "One Krabs Trash," and in the book Bad Luck Day.


It is a black sea snail with a blue swirl on its back similar to Gary's. It has a blue body with a dark purple underside and red-orange eyes.


In "One Krabs Trash," Mr. Krabs goes to Floater's Cemetery to find the number one hat. While there, he sees things like a clam with orange eyes like an owl, clams like a group of bats flying past him, and this black snail who scares Mr. Krabs with his meow and slithers away.

The Black Snail also appears in the book Bad Luck Day.


  • The black snail is the undersea equivalent of a black cat, which is superstitiously considered to be unlucky. However, in other places, it is classified as good luck.
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