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Billy Jim Plankton
General Information
Interests: Root beer
Awards: Root beer
Aliases: Billy Jim
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Species: Plankton
Siblings: Possibly at least one of Sheldon's Other Cousins
Grandparents: Grandpa Plankton
Grandma Plankton
Aunts: Mrs. Plankton (by Marriage)
Uncles: Mr. Plankton
Cousins: Plankton
Ancestors: Planktonamor
Dead Eye Plankton
Friends: Other cousins
Enemies: Mr. Krabs

SpongeBob Squidward

Series Information
First appearance: Plankton's Army
Latest appearance: Plankton's Army
List of characters

Billy Jim Plankton is one of Plankton's cousins. He is a hilbilly like the rest of Plankton's Cousins. His only appearance was in Plankton's Army.


He is dark green and round. He has sideburns. Billy Jim also has a single tooth like Patrick sometimes does.

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