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Billy Jim Plankton
Billy Jim
Interests: Root beer
Awards: Root beer
Aliases: Billy Jim
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Aquamarine
Eye color: Black
Classification: Plankton
Siblings: Possibly at least one of Plankton's other cousins
Grandparents: Grandpa Plankton
Grandma Plankton
Aunts: Mrs. Plankton (by marriage)
Uncles: Mr. Plankton
Cousins: Sheldon J. Plankton
Ancestors: Planktonamor
Dead Eye Plankton
Friends: Other cousins
Enemies: Mr. Krabs
Series information
Appearance: "Plankton's Army"
List of characters

Billy Jim Plankton is one of Plankton's cousins. He is a hillbilly like the rest of Plankton's Cousins. His only appearance is in the episode "Plankton's Army."


He is an aquamarine plankton. He has three antennae that connect to a flap on his back that are darker than the rest of him. He has one eye, and is seen playing a violin.


He came to the Chum Bucket after receiving one of Sheldon's numerous callings for the family's assistance. Once he entered the Chum Bucket, he was granted root beer if he and the rest of the family helped Sheldon steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. He later assisted him to find out that the "secret ingredient" was mashed plankton.

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