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Bikini Bottom Zoo

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The Bikini Bottom Zoo is a zoo in Bikini Bottom. The zoo made its debut in the episode The Smoking Peanut. Located inside the zoo is Oyster Stadium, where Clamu, a giant clam, performs. The zoo also contains cages with animals, as well as the Zoo Gift Shop.

In the episode "The Great Snail Race," the snail race took place at the Oyster Stadium. In the episode, "The Thing," when SpongeBob and Patrick befriended a cement-covered Squidward, unknowingly it was actually Squidward, Patrick called the S.W.A.T. team, who took cement-covered Squidward to the zoo. He was mocked by citizens who visited the place. SpongeBob and Patrick were able to escape through the zoo's sewage system. In "Not Normal," SpongeBob and Patrick slide through water and into the zoo.


The zoo has a gift shop and a stadium. This is unusual for a zoo to have a stadium in the center. That is there so spectators can get a good view of the oyster.

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