The Bikini Bottom Volleyball Courts and Appraisal Center appears to be the local volleyball court of Bikini Bottom, and also the center for appraisal. It is only seen in the episode "Porous Pockets."




The Bikini Bottom Volleyball Courts and Appraisal Center are two pink buildings conjoined together with a yellow roof that has two entrances/exits on one side and two windows on each. The top of the building includes a wooden sign that reads "Bikini Bottom Volleyball Courts and Appraisal Center." There are four visible volleyball courts surrounding half of the building. In the front of the building is a parking lot, and a fence that is on the other side of the building.


The inside of the place has purple metal walls with green shelves, that has items such as jewelry, a lamp, and a boom box on top of it. There is a sign that says "Appraisal Buy - Sell" above the cash register. There is a sign underneath a shelf next to the cash register that says "All Sales Are Final." The only known employee is the Appraisal Worker.


After SpongeBob and Patrick find a pearl that a Giant Clam was choking on, Patrick thinks it is a volleyball and tells SpongeBob. They both take it to this location to play volleyball. The Appraisal Worker notices it, and asks if he could purchase a "small fortune" for the pearl. SpongeBob agrees, and gets a huge amount of cash.

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