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Bikini Bottom Supermarket

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Bikini Bottom Supermarket
Industry: Grocery store
Location: Bikini Bottom
Employment: Dwight T. Wad (manager)
Products: Food
First appearance: "Pet or Pests"
Latest appearance: "Hello Bikini Bottom!"
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The Bikini Bottom Supermarkt is a shop in Bikini Bottom that just appears in three episodes. SpongeBob stands infront of the door to sell all the Worm-Babies from Mrs. Wormsley. He gave to Larry, but he actually wanted to eat them. The Bikini Bottom Supermarket is seen again in the episode Hello Bikini Bottom! where it is the first place that SpongeBob and Squidward perform at. They actually done very well as other Bikini Bottomites were playing along to the song. However, Mr. Krabs was charged for playing there by the Supermarket Manager.


The Supermarket is a huge red building. On the roof of it is a huge plague that says on it, "Supermarket". It has a huge parking place.It also has 6 big wooden columns and a large yellow and green awning.


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