The Summer Shindig is a party that was held in the episode "Sun Bleached." The shinding is probably held near the Goo Lagoon.


The party is held every year by Craig Mammalton. He gives invitations to people that are well tanned, but those that are not have to wait outside. Everyone who wants to go inside has to be checked by Craig to see if they are tanned and approved for the party. It is supposed to be held yearly, but neither Craig nor the party were ever seen or heard of again. SpongeBob and Patrick wanted to get into the party, but they were not tan enough. So, Patrick bought a tanning machine and tanned himself with the help of SpongeBob, and SpongeBob tanned himself with the help of Patrick. However, Patrick left SpongeBob in the tanner too long and SpongeBob became a very light/pale yellow and cracked. To fix the problem, Patrick put caramel sauce all over SpongeBob, giving him a tan look. But at the party, bright lights were beating down on the party-goers and SpongeBob's caramel shattered off of his body, revealing his exrtremely light/pale and cracked skin. Craig revealed that SpongeBob was 'Sun Bleached', the most extreme type of tan. To honor his bravery, as Craig said, he cranked up the lights and at the end of the party everyone was in ash from the extreme heat and brightness of the lights.


The door is made out of two huge stone figures, which have a shield in one hand. The statues are there as a decoration. Beside the door is a huge trash container, where all the un-tanned have to wait. The wall seems to be made of wood.


  • The sign misspells the word "Shindig" as "Shinding."

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