Bikini Bottom Scissor Works is a factory that makes scissors for Bikini Bottom. It only appears in the episode "Bubble Buddy Returns."



The Bikini Bottom Scissor Works factory is a large building. The building itself is colored orange. On the front side of it, there is red metal doors, a white sign that reads the factory's name in purple text, and a pair of scissors with a black handle at the top.


The only thing that IS shown inside the building are the walls and floors. The floors are blue and the walls are dark blue.

Role in episode

SpongeBob sees Shiny wander off into thid factory and hears clipping noises. Scared for his well-being, SpongeBob runs inside to rescue Shiny, who thankfully escapes unharmed. SpongeBob then tells him that scissors are sharp and dangerous and that they should go somewhere more safe.