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Bikini Bottom School

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Bikini Bottom School
Industry: Education
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "Krabby Land"
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Bikini Bottom School is one of the three public schools that are known to be in in Bikini Bottom. The kids who are known to have attended it are Miss Rechid, Paco, Monroe Timmy, Tyler, and Susie Rechid. It was only seen in the episode "Krabby Land."



The outside of the building is only shown. It is has a red wooden walls in the shape of a barn. There is a double door entrance with windows to each side of the building. There is a sign that says "Bikini Bottom School" above the doors, and a window above the sign. There is a bell tower on top of the building, and there is an anchor attached to the building. There is a playground outside with a swing set, and a jungle gym.

Role in the series

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Associated characters

  • Isabelle Fish - Student
  • Paco - Student
  • Monroe Timmy - Student
  • Tyler - Student
  • Susie Fishbowl - Student


  • There is an anchor attached to the school.
  • In the background, it appears that there is a swing set and another playground material.

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