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Bikini Bottom Public Access

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Bikini Bottom Public Access
Call letters: BBPA-TV
Broadcast area: Bikini Bottom
Notable programmes: Fab and Fancy
The Guitar Lord
Squidward Chat
Squidward's House Party
Notable movies: Night of the Robot
The Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Movie
Slumber Party Zombie Attack
Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook
Appearance: "Tentacle-Vision"

Bikini Bottom Public Access is a public access television channel. BBPA-TV was only seen in the episode "Tentacle-Vision."

Squidward enjoys watching the TV show "Fab and Fancy" but hates "The Guitar Lord". But, suddenly, the shows were cancelled to make room for Squidward Chat with host Squidward.

Known Programs

Tentacle-Vision 007

Commercial break.

TV Specials and Movies

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