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The Bikini Bottom Prison Guard is a fish who works for the Bikini Bottom Jail.


He is a fish who is colored olive green who has a light orange fin on the back of his head, light orange lips, and large cheeks. He wears a shirt and hat colored in eggshell shade of white. His tie is sand green and pants are raw umber shade of brown. Lastly, his and belt and shoes are colored black. Sometimes his skin is brown.


He thinks that Mrs. Puff is crazy, and simultaneously calls him to get rid of SpongeBob who tried to get her to make a Jail-Break. He is also a bailiff, and a guard at the museum.


The Prison Guard in "Doing Time."


  • Despite being a prison guard, he has been put into a jail cell by SpongeBob for throwing away a good Krabby Patty into the garbage.