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Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music College

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The Bikini Bottom Prestigious Music College is a college level school located in the city of Bikini Bottom. Its students consist of various aquatic life citizens of Bikini Bottom and can be said to have students from other cities in the series as well.


Educational Program

The university is said to have a high level music program in which several famous musicians from the sea teach. During the episode "Professor Squidward," Squidward lies his way into saying he is Squilliam, and is invited to instruct classes at the University.

During Squidward's teachings at the university, Squidward introduced some basic concepts and notes to music, as well as what a tempo is, but failed to instruct to class and his cover was blown as SpongeBob and Patrick interrupted the class, as they were partaking in the class as students. It is unknown how SpongeBob, who's failed boating school several times, along with Patrick, who has no brain, gained access to such a high level university music program to stalk Squidward.

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Bikini Bottom Areas

Goo LagoonJellyfish FieldsKelp ForestDead Eye Gulch

Bikini Bottom Residence

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