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Bikini Bottom Pin Factory

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Bikini Bottom Pin Factory
Bikini Bottom Pin Factory
Industry: Factory
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "Bubble Buddy Returns"
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Bikini Bottom Pin Factory is factory the makes pins for Bikini Bottom. It only appears in the episode "Bubble Buddy Returns."


The factory is a large building. The building itself is colored green. There are round windows on the building that are made of orange metal. On top of the building there is a sign in a bamboo frame that says "Bikini Bottom Pin Factory" in purple letters. Along the sides and top of the building are chimneys with colors of brown, white, and red.


Shiny the bubble once went inside this factory and SpongeBob went in there to rescue him before Shiny could get poked by a bunch of pins and pop. When Shiny and SpongeBob got out the factory, SpongeBob had a bunch of pins stuck on him.


  • The chimneys have smoke coming through them.
  • There are pins on 2 of the chimneys and the sign.

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