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Bikini Bottom Men's Choir

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Bikini Bottom Men's Choir
General information
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Singing
Aliases: Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Eye color: Black
First appearance: Choir Boys
Latest appearance: Choir Boys
List of characters

The Bikini Bottom Men's Choir (AKA Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus) is a group of men that attend as the famed Men's Choir of Bikini Bottom. They appear in the episode Choir Boys, where Squidward auditions to be a choir boy, but only to be failed, and for SpongeBob to be chosen. They also appear in the episode A Day Without Tears. They gather regularly at their Choir Studio that looks much like a small church. After all practices, they have a season of performances at their usual open-air concert hall in Bikini Bottom. They wear mustaches and red bowties and wear no shirts.



  • In the episode Choir Boys they are first seen on a picture wearing different clothes that are the same as the clothes that Squidward wore.

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