The Bikini Bottom Men's Choir (AKA Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus) is a group of men that attend as the famed Men's Choir of Bikini Bottom.


They wear mustaches and red bowties, and wear no shirts.


Role in series

"Choir Boys"

Squidward auditions to be a choir boy, but only to be failed, and for SpongeBob to be chosen.

"A Day Without Tears"

They are seen driving in their boat car. They gather regularly at their choir studio that looks much like a small church. After all of their practices, they have a season of performances at their usual open-air concert hall in Bikini Bottom.


  • In the episode "Choir Boys," they are first seen on a picture wearing different clothes that are the same as the clothes that Squidward wore. Also, they did not wear shirts in that episode, unlike Squidward.