The Bikini Bottom Mall is a four-story mall in the shape of a ship that first appears in the episode "Whale of a Birthday."



It is a large red and white ship converted into a mall. On the side, in huge letters, it reads "MALL" in gold-colored text.


In "Whale of a Birthday", Pearl goes in the mall with her friends while SpongeBob stalks her as a means to find out what to buy her for her birthday. SpongeBob winds up buying most of Pearl's birthday gifts at the mall.

The Bikini Bottom Mall later makes a major appearance in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl." Pearl attempts to get a job at the mall to fit in with her friends, only to wind up being hired for a job at Grandma's Apron, much to her disappointment. However, she later accepts the occupation and reconciles with her friends after the store's manager, Beatrice, shows Pearl and her friends the benefits of being a grandma.

Associated characters

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Known stores and what they sell

  • Shoe Store - Sells shoes and boots for a bargain. There has also been a 90% off promotion.
  • Make-Up - Sells make-up items such as glitter gloss.
  • Clothes store - Sells clothes such as dresses and skirts.
  • Pets - a pet shop that sells pets such as sea-ponies and dogfish.
  • Purse store - Sells many different kinds of purses.
  • Clothes store - Another clothes store that sells dresses and skirts. One particular outfit costs $39.99.
  • Sunglasses - sells sunglasses. One particular pair costs $149.99.
  • Shoes - Another shoe store. A pair of red shoes costs $300.99.
  • Hat Fancy - A store that sells hats.
  • Boat store - A store that sells boats.
  • Book store - A store that sells books.
  • Books 'R' Us - Another book store. Parody of Toys "R" Us.
  • Clothes I' Mark - a store that sells clothes.
  • Buy Buy Buy - A store that sells cars.
  • Lipp Lipp Gloss - A store that sells lip gloss.
  • Sports Zone - A store that sells sports equipment.
  • Music Store - A store that sells music. The interior of the store looks like the interior of FYE.
  • Candy Store - A store that sells candy.
  • Muzak Shop - A store that sells background music. There is a poster outside the store saying "Now That's What I Call Elevator Music!".
  • 99 cent store - Based on the real store of a similar name, the store sells low-quality items that are 99 cents. Health Inspector Yellowtail passes by this store.
  • Wigs - A wig store on the bottom floor by Grandma's Apron. This may have been the wig store mentioned in "No Weenies Allowed."
  • Grandma’s Apron - A store that specializes in Grandma-related items.
  • Food court - A place where you can buy food.
  • Bangles and Dangles - A place where you can buy jewelry.
  • Hotdog on a String - A restaurant that sells hotdogs on string. Parody of Hot Dog on a Stick.
  • Scorched Coral - A place where you can buy scary stuff.
  • Jelly Jeans - A store that sells jeans.

This list is incomplete, but you can help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it.


Locations (VE)


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Bikini Bottom Areas

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Bikini Bottom Residence

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Bikini Bottom Establishments

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