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Bikini Bottom Jellyfish Trauma Center

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Bikini Bottom Jellyfish Trauma Center
Jellyfish Trauma Jellyfish
Industry: Medic Center
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Patrick Star (temporary nurse)
Appearance: "Plankton Pays"
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The Bikini Bottom Jellyfish Trauma Center is a location that is only appears in the episode short "Plankton Pays." It is where people who are stung by jellyfish go to get treated for their stings.




The outside of the Trauma Center appears to be made of metal. It also has four windows, two on the front and two on the different sides. It also has a large sign at the top that looks like a cross and has a jellyfish in the middle of it.


The inside of the Trauma Center appears to be similar to a clinic. There are many beds where victims of jellyfish stings are seen laying down upon.

Role in the series

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Associated characters


  • Patrick is also seen working here as a nurse. He explained to SpongeBob that he was doing community service and that it is a long story.
  • The exterior looks as though the building inside is small, but when SpongeBob went inside, it was much larger.

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