The Bikini Bottom Jail, also known as the Bikini Bottom Prison, is a governmental institution in Bikini Bottom that first appears in the episode "Hall Monitor."



The building is two stories high, with an over-sized ball-and-chain attached to it. The prison features a rock-crushing yard, a cafeteria, and the jail cell. The building is composed of metal and is sky-blue with a black roof, on top of which has a brown wooden sign hold together by two bamboo sticks that reads the jail's name in white text outlined by red.

The inmates do many activities, such as crushing rocks, lifting weights, and making wire coat hangers and license plates.



  • A large pile of rocks (Mrs. Puff is seen smashing them during the episode "Doing Time.")
  • A giant "cannonball" weight attached to the main building
  • A robot computer that SpongeBob uses in Battle for Bikini Bottom.
  • A seemingly bottomless extra security cell Plankton is seen inside in "Krabby Road"
  • A coat hanger factory. (This may be a reference to the cliché of a license plate factory being in prisons.)
  • A plankton-sized prison cell, actually a safe, seen in "Krabby Road."
  • A cafeteria that supposedly only serves chili
  • A water supply that supposedly contains no uranium. As Mrs. Puff says in the episode "Doing Time," "Crystal clear!"
  • Clear-glass communication windows
  • A supply of lollipops, as seen in "Life of Crime"
  • This building appears to be smaller on the outside than it is on the inside.



  • Although he has been arrested many times, Eugene H. Krabs has never actually been shown in jail. Same goes for Sandy, who has only been arrested once (twice in a deleted scene) so far, but was never seen in jail.
  • Gary the Snail is the only main character who has never been arrested.
  • In "Summer Job," it is shown that SpongeBob teaches boating lessons at the jail.
  • A whale prisoner who looks similar to Pearl appears in jail in the episode "Jailbreak!"
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