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Bikini Bottom Hospital

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Bikini Bottom Hospital
Founder: Purple Doctorfish
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Address: Conch Street
Employment: Purple Doctorfish
Dr. Actor
Sadie (Receptionist/Nurse)
Dr. Slieen
Administrator Flotsam
First appearance: "Suds"
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The Bikini Bottom Hospital is the main hospital that appears in the series.


The hospital was first seen in the episode "Suds," where SpongeBob goes to at the end of the episode to find treatment for his suds, an aquatic variation of the flu. The first doctor seen in the hospital was Purple Doctorfish. Later in the series, more doctors and nurses have been employed.



The interior of the hospital has changed extensively throughout its appearances in the series. In its debut appearance, it only features one large, chrome doctor's room, belong to Purple Doctorfish. Throughout the series continuity, many rooms have been added, such as a waiting room, several hallways, large medical rooms, and other rooms.


The exterior of the hospital, unlike its interior, has not changed much if at all. The exterior contains an arch, designed to appear as one-half of a lifebuoy, with the word "Emergency". The main makeup of the building is basically a wooden cube. Expenditures, such as windows and blue building-like extensions, are present throughout the exterior of the building.

List of patients and visitors

Throughout the series, many of the main and background characters have made appearances in the hospital, either as patients or visitors. A list of the well-known characters can be seen below.


There are many doctors in the hospital, and the entirety of the staff is listed below. There are two well-known doctors that are Purple Doctorfish and Sadie.

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