The Bikini Bottom Hospital is the main hospital in Bikini Bottom that appears throughout the series.




The exterior of the hospital, unlike its interior, has not changed much if at all. The exterior contains an arch, designed to appear as one-half of a lifesaver, with the word "Emergency" written on it. The main makeup of the building is basically a wooden cube. Expenditures, such as windows and blue building-like extensions, are present throughout the exterior of the building.


The interior of the hospital has changed extensively throughout its appearances in the series. In its debut appearance, it only features one large, chrome doctor's room, belonging to Purple Doctorfish. Throughout the series continuity, many rooms have been added, such as a waiting room, several hallways, large medical rooms, and other rooms.

Role in series

"Boating School"

It was mentioned at the end of the episode. SpongeBob tells Gary, "Alright, let's go surprise someone at the hospital!"


It appears at the end of the episode. SpongeBob is treated for his suds here. Patrick also has an appearance for pretending to be a doctor.

"Squid's Day Off"

It appears when Mr. Krabs is released after getting his arms pulled off when he tries to get a coin from the sink. The Purple Doctorfish tells Mr. Krabs to come back if there are any troubles. Squidward runs past with only a cloud of bubbles. He is running to the Krusty Krab to check up on SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs' arms fall off again and he runs back into the hospital.

Note: In the first shot of the Bikini Bottom Hospital, the "emergency" sign is misspelled as "enereency."

"The Bully"

After Flats drives a garbage truck over a banana peel, the garbage truck falls. He then gets injured. SpongeBob visits Flats in the hospital and Flats wants to kick SpongeBob's butt as SpongeBob runs away.

"No Weenies Allowed"

It appears at the end of the episode. SpongeBob slips on an ice cube when he tries to enter The Salty Spitoon. He gets injured. He is then rushed to the Bikini Bottom Hospital. Because SpongeBob phrased his injury as "Boo Boos," the Purple Doctorfish suggests that he should go to Weenie Hut General.

"Born Again Krabs"

Mr. Krabs eats a rotten patty and ends up in the hospital. After recovering from the sickness, he asks the doctor if he is going to be okay. The Purple Doctorfish checks Mr. Krabs' charts. He then runs out of the room. The Flying Dutchman comes in. Mr. Krabs lies that he is not Eugene Krabs. The Flying Dutchman believes him and checks with the front desk. The Flying Dutchman then returns after the receptionist says that Mr. Krabs' room is Eugene Krabs' room. The Flying Dutchman wants Mr. Krabs to go to Davy Jones' locker as Mr. Krabs pleads to the Flying Dutchman to allow him to live. The Flying Dutchman allows Mr. Krabs to live if he stops being greedy.

"I Had an Accident"

After a Sandboarding Accident on Sand Mountain, SpongeBob breaks his butt. Later, at the hospital, the Purple Doctorfish tells him that they had to staple (and eventually glue) his butt back together. The Purple Doctorfish warns that if SpongeBob gets into another butt accident, he will have to be put in the iron butt, a machine that is similar to the iron lung, but for butts.

"The Lost Mattress"

This is one of the main locations of the episode. After SpongeBob and Patrick replace Mr. Krabs' old mattress, Mr. Krabs goes into a money coma because his money was inside his old mattress. He ends up in the hospital. Dr. Actor tells SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick that they only way to get him out of the coma is to get his old mattress back. Squidward tries to explain that it was all SpongeBob and Patrick's idea. However, Officer John tells Squidward that since he wrote that it was all his idea in the card that SpongeBob and Patrick made, Squidward also has to help because if he did not he would go to jail. They go to the dump and attempt to get it back from a guard worm. Meanwhile, Dr. Actor tells the nurse that Mr. Krabs cannot afford a room. The nurse puts Mr. Krabs, who is on a stretcher, in the hall. Later, Dr. Sileen tells Dr. Actor that Mr. Krabs is blocking a vending a machine. The nurse moves the stretcher outside. Later, Administrator Flotsam tells Dr. Actor that he cannot have a patient outside. The nurse then pushes him down a hill, which leads him to the dump, where he smells the money in the mattress and gets out of the coma.

"Funny Pants"

It appears at the end of the episode. After Squidward breaks his laugh box, he ends up in the hospital. SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy visit Squidward. Patrick explains that they took out his laugh box. Dr. Actor explains that SpongeBob gave Squidward half of his.

"Krusty Towers"

After an attempt to run a hotel fails, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick end up in the hospital. After receiving the bill, Mr. Krabs tells the others that they will be going to medical school, so he can run a hospital.

"The Two Faces of Squidward"

After SpongeBob accidentally slams the Krusty Krabs' kitchen door in Squidward's face, he ends up in the hospital for surgery. SpongeBob waits in the waiting room for Squidward to get out of surgery. The purple doctor comes into the waiting room and tells SpongeBob to come back in two weeks. Two weeks later, he visits the hospital with a bouquet of flowers. He visits Mable and gives her a flower. He then visits Squidward. The Purple Doctorfish then tells SpongeBob that he cannot be anywhere near Squidward during the revealing of Squidward's new face. SpongeBob convinces the Purple Doctorfish to allow him to be there. SpongeBob then interrupts the procedure, twice. When the doctorfish finally takes off the bandages, he faints because of how handsome Squidward is. He also makes Sadie, who is a nurse, faint. Squidward requests a mirror and Squidward then sees himself in the mirror. Squidward likes his new face.

"Slide Whistle Stooges"

Squidward gets carried away with using a slide whistle to make everyone angry. Eventually, he hijacks a truck and ends up falling off a cliff. He is sent to the hospital. The Purple Doctorfish says that thanks to the slide whistle getting lodged in Squidward's throat people were able to rescue him. However, with the current technology of the hospital, they cannot get it out. SpongeBob and Patrick, then have fun around the hospital with their own slide whistles.


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy end up in the hospital because of SpongeBob and Patrick. Barnacle Boy gets a call on his shell phone and It is the police commissioner. He tells Barnacle Boy that they need to go to a shuffle boarding competition. However, they cannot do this in their condition. SpongeBob and Patrick say that they are certified Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy impersonators. With no other options, Barnacle Boy gives them two rings that, when put together, allow them to have Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes. Later, after SpongeBob and Patrick have made the citizens of Bikini Bottom angry by impersonating them, SpongeBob and Patrick visit Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy to give them the trophies. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy take back the costumes. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are released to find an angry mob.

"The Cent of Money"

It appears at the end of the episode. After Mr. Krabs uses Gary's power to conduct money, he ends up being crushed by a title wave of money at an arcade. He ends up in the hospital. It is revealed that Gary's powers came from a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy magnet, which he swallowed. Mr. Krabs gets the bill, but says that he cannot pay it. The Purple Doctorfish says that Mr. Krabs has enough money in coins to pay the bill.

"Shellback Shenanigans"

This is one of the main locations of the episode. Plankton pretends to be Gary to get into the Krusty Krab because it is a special day where SpongeBob can bring in Gary. However, things go awry when SpongeBob notices that there is something off about "Gary," so he takes "Gary" to the hospital.

"Demolition Doofus"

After SpongeBob breaks Mrs. Puff's puffing gland, she is sent to the hospital. Here, she learns that the hospital does demolition derbies with patients. This gives her the idea to try to kill SpongeBob in a demolition derby.

"Squid Baby"

Squidward gets disturbed by SpongeBob and Patrick playing with some of SpongeBob's baby toys. He accidentally slips on one of the toys. This causes Squidward to land in a movable play pen. His momentum from slipping makes him hit SpongeBob's mailbox. His head enlarges and he starts babbling. At the hospital, the Purple Doctorfish tells SpongeBob and Patrick that Squidward has a condition that makes him act like a baby. It was caused by Squidward hitting the mailbox. He explains that it should wear off if they don't keep hitting his head.

"Safe Deposit Krabs"

After Mr. Krabs goes to a new bank and he gets locked in the vault, SpongeBob gets worried. He searches around town. One of the locations he searches at is the hospital.

"Two Thumbs Down"

After SpongeBob breaks his thumbs, he is taken here.

"Code Yellow"

Squidward comes here for a nose job.

SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom

It appears in the first Bikini Bottom level. It introduces the health collectible.

"Teacher's Pests"

It appears at the end when Mr. Krabs, Plankton and SpongeBob are all connected to each other.

"My Leg!"

Fred is brought to the hospital for treatment of his leg and later comes back to see Nurse Bazooka.

Associated characters


Patients and visitors


  • All of the main characters have been a patient or a visitor, except Gary.
    • Although, in the episode "Boating School," he was mentioned to be one after the events of the episode.
    • In the episode "Shellback Shenanigans," Plankton disguised as Gary and went to this hospital.
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